Author Topic: Mario Advance 4 for Japanese Wii U Virtual Console will include e-Reader courses  (Read 7299 times)


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« on: December 22, 2015, 11:52:24 PM »
The Game Boy Advance e-Reader "Level Card" courses will be included in the Japanese release of Super Mario Advance 4 on the Wii U Virtual Console, according to Nintendo's website. On the original Game Boy Advance version of Super Mario Advance 4, these courses were only accessible by swiping the Level Cards through the e-Reader accessory.

It is currently unknown if the American release will also have the extra courses.

Super Mario Advance 4 on Wii U Virtual Console is set to launch December 29 in Japan.

Link: Super Mario Advance 4 on Wii U (Japanese)

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What a pleasant surprise. Always wanted to try those.
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Hoohoo, just what I needed
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That's interesting! How many e-reader levels exist in total?

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12 level cards came out in the US with 26 more that only came out in Japan.

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Weren't there some level cards that were exclusive to places you bought them (like wasn't there a level card you could only get if you bought the game at Walmart here in the US)?
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I don't recall any exclusive cards for SMA4:SMB3, but I went a little crazy with e-reader cards back then and believe I have all North American cards ever release including the complete Animal Crossing set. 
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