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I want us mario fans to explain their first or favourite nintendo experience!

Mine was in 1992( I remember it)
I was 3 years old and I was CRYING because I couldn't beat 1-1 in SMB3! But I kept trying and trying and when I finally beat it for the first time, everyone cheered me on and gave me support of achieving my first goal in a video game!

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Ah yes, the time I cut my finger open trying to punch the dog from Duck Hunt...

(Wait, that wasn't very long ago at all...)

My "strongest" Nintendo memory ever was when my best friend accidently erased my very first SMW 96 goal save file... (I was about 6 or 7 at this time) I am still mad about it today... even though I can do it in 1 sitting now... and the game erases itself a lot nowadays...

I remember when:

I could NOT beat the Sunken Ghost Ship in SMW (Although I could easily beat the other levels) and had to have someone else do it... (Now the level poses no problems. I can even do it with Yoshi... and swimming with Yoshi is really hard in SMW It's kind of like driving a semi-truck.)

And when I FINALLY got 100 on every level of SMW2 for the first time about 2 years after I got the game... (Now I can do it no problem)

And when I beat it with my feet. (Wait, that was only 2 months ago! Ah well...)

And when I beat SMB for the first time... at age 3. (Seriously!)

And when I got 120 stars in SM64 well before everyone in my school!

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You can beat a video game with your FEET? How is that humanly possible? You would have to have some very flexible toes to accomplish that task...
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December 25th, 2001. Christmas Day.

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Well... yes, I can beat *A* game with my feet, but seriously, YI is a really easy game to beat with your feet because:

A. You can get hit as much as you want/need, essentially.

B. The L and R buttons, buttons that cannot be reached the way I "held" my controller with my feet, are not that useful in YI.

C. Most of the moving platform sections are easy to combat IF you know a little trick... a trick that makes precision jumping possible.

D. I did, admittedly, get a few really low scores... 37 on 2-5, 38 on 5-7, 39 on 1-4, and so on. I did, however, get 100s on 1-1, 1-7, 4-5, 4-7, and 6-6.

In case you are interested, I pointed both of my big toes striaght down to the controller (I only used my big toes. One to control direction, the other to control the A B X and Y buttons.) Of course, this setup makes doing 2 actions at once near impossible... like you can't run and throw an egg at the same time... or jump and throw an egg... And I had a severe tendecy to accidently do a ground pound in the middle of my jumps when my foot slips onto the down key of the controller... I must have lost 50 lives that way.

A few levels, like 6-3, 5-7, 4-7 (Yes, I got a 100 on it. None of the points are out of the way at all), 4-4, 6-7, and 6-4 to name a few are really hard to do. Of course, it takes a lot of practice... it's kind of lke playing the game for the first time all over again... only I knew every level layout, where everything was, what points to skip due to the fact that they are not worth the risk, and so on.

Of course, I do have pretty flexible feet.

PS: Another really witty and humorous comment by frostbite. *Sigh* I wish I could be that funny.

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I got to World 6 in SMB2 with my feet, but it's humanly impossible to beat it that way(Well, I almost got to World 7.....that last **** Birdo got me in 5-2, the level right before the World 7 warp)
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Same here, only big toes, but running jumps would have been impossible had there not been the Princess.
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I have 2 really tainted Mario Party memories.

1. In a Mario Party 2 map (Western Land I think) I came in 4th. Not that bad... but consider that I lost to 2 Easy computers and a 3 YEAR OLD. Hard to do anything when you lose all your stars and coins on turn 16 of a 20 turn game due to a chance occurance. I won the mini-game star too. Grrrrrr... That was my most awful luck I think ever. My only loss (lower than 1st) to date in a Mario Party 1, 2, or 3 4-player map. I must be about 40-0-0-1.

2. In a Mario Party 3 Duel Map (Pipesqueak) I lost to my best friend... in 1 and a half turns. That is, He rolled, I rolled, he rolled again and won. I went a grand total of 2 spaces the whole game. (He used Waluigi. My charcter is irrelevant, all you need to know is that my partner was in front, and it would have been dead even had I put it in the back.)

Then he came back to my house about 5 months later and beat me 3 times in a row on Mario Party 3 Duel mode. On his favorite, my favorite, and a random board. All 3 times he won due to a freak chance occurance (Like on the last one, he had a partner in BACK, and managed to land on 4 consecutive reverse spaces to attack me from the front. Grrrrr... Again, he used Waluigi, and I used the same irrelevant character that you should have guessed already from the description above.)

Duel Map Record against that friend: 6-4
Against EVERYONE ELSE: 20 something-0.

And now that same friend can DESTROY me in MK64 Battle mode. About 1 year ago, I won about every fight... I think he got better somehow. He beats me about 8/10 times now! Even on my best level. And I STILL have yet to beat him in Skyscraper (0-50 about now)Skyscraper is His best and my worst level. And my driving style doesn't really work well on Skyscraper.

(Of course, I use Yoshi for MK64 Battle Mode. I know, Lightweights are typically not a good choice for most in Battle Mode. Me... I prefer evasion tactics and fast manuevering, and I think Heavyweights steer like oxen. Yoshi fits my style a whole lot more than a Heavyweight. Seriously, I got desparate and switched to a Heavyweight, and went nowhere.)

There are all my embarassing defeats. I hope you're amused.

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I'm not amused. I think it's pitiful. no
I feel sorry for you... the way you describe your losses.

My Nintendo memories... hmm...

1. Around 5 years ago... I was at my best friend (GoombaDoom)'s house... We had Mario Paint on... we put this song we had written into the music thing... his battery had run down... we couldn't save the song... his (very pushy at times) mother wanted us to leave... so I could be taken back to my house (I don't think she likes me)... and we desperately tried to find a way to record it, in vain.

2. About 3 years ago... We were pulling into our driveway and my mom said "Let's go see what they have at that garage sale next door." I was reluctant to go. It was rather hot and I wanted to go inside and relax. I saw they wanted a $200 or something for a PLayStation(1). I lost interest quickly. Then... I spotted it. "Wow! An NES!" I said. They had it for $20. My dad dislikes home video game systems. Arcade games are fine to him, I believe because you can't take them home. The kind lady lowered the price to $10. I paid, and then we went to ask if it was okay for me to buy it. Luckily, we couldn't find dad right then. So, we went to a thrift store and I got several NES classics for $2.98 each. My big mistake was passing up Mega Man 2 for a lower quality game. They had 2 dang copies! When I went back 4 days later, they were gone. :-(  Anyway, that night, we went to Pancho's, a Tex-Mex restaurant (mmm) and my dad said "So, now we have 'Nintendo'. I swore I'd never have one of those in my house."
And there, you have my complete autobiography.

  a) November 18th, 2001. 12:01 AM. I believe I was one of the first 7000 Americans to get a GCN. Only problem was, I had to put it on layaway. I was willing to pay only $60 at the time.
  b) Dec. 3rd, 2001. I'm glad I have such great friends who gave me $20 each for my birthday.
  c) Dec. 17th, 2001. I finally got my GCN. "Man, this is small!"
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That was a joke.

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Actually, I turned 14 just a few months ago! But thanks for laughing XD

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1. Playing SMB2 for the first time. I was only five or six years old (and the game was new then X_x), and I thought it was SO cool that you could play as the princess. :)

2. Getting my SNES for Christmas. I think I was 8 or 9 at the time then. And yes, the SNES had just been released. X_x Anyway, it was the big present for both my brother and I. We got Super Mario World and Mariopaint, and my whole family took turns playing it all weekend. Now the SNES is sitting above me on the top shelf of my desk. It still works perfectly, and so do Mario World and Mariopaint. ^_^

3. Beating Super Mario RPG for the first time. SMRPG's ending is my favorite one of all time.

4. Getting an N64, with Mario and Mariokart 64. :)

5. Beating Paper Mario for the first time. PM's ending is my SECOND favorite of all time. ^_^

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I have one for Mario Party 3 where I ended up 23 Stars on the last turn due to several freak Chance incidents that gave me everyone else's Stars after a VERY long game(I was even the predicted winner). Then the Mini-Game Star, Coin Star, and Happening Star(which I shared with a computer) I got made the grand total 26 STARS! It was against 2 easy computers and my 12 year old cousin.
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The most I've ever gotten was like ...3 stars.
That was a joke.

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I got 16 Stars on a 35 turn game of Boswer Land on MP2... Highest I got. (My luck really doesn't help me much. I have to rely entirely on skill to win Mario party games.)

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The happiest day of my gaming life was easily the day I first beat SMRPG. I was 11 or 12, and I was playing in the morning and left late for school to complete it. I was soooo happy that day. Also a very memorable time was the first time I beat Sunshine. Boy, did I get emotional. Oh, and then there's the many hilarious Bowser vs. Sheik SSBM battles with a friend of mine. We yell at each other during it, super-fun.

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Sometimes I dream about being carried off by a giant squirrel...Does that make me a nut?