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Should I be regretting buying Kirby Super Star Ultra instead? 

...Probably not until it's confirmed that this announcement actually is regarding G/S(/C) remakes.
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If Yellow never got remade, I don't think Crystal will be remade either.
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They did remake Yellow, only they took out the Pikachu that follows  you around and called it Crystal..
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We're talking about the FR/LG era.
No! I don't want that!

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Well gee, aren't you a happy person. In the eyes of many pokefans, G/S/C was the best in terms of new species and plot. So, nyehh. I'll buy two copies to offset you not buying it.
Thanks, but I never said that I wasn't going to buy it. I just don't think I could waste another 300 hours of my life trying to complete a pokedex that seems to be impossible to complete anyway. And, I have yet to play Pokemon Platinum, so I really need to get that soon. But yeah, if they are making a G/S remake, I'm going to purchase it. Don't know why ...but I will.
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Don't try to fill out the Pokédex

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For you, perhaps.

I enjoyed filling my Pearl Pokedex.  I don't really want to do it all over for Platinum, but that's more laziness than not enjoying it.
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The one game I think I went the most Pokedex crazy on was Pearl, probably because you can get almost every Pokemon, period, in it.
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WPM has an ego problem.
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I hope this is true!
I felt overwhelming joy when I found out about this, while listening "I Want to Ride My Bicycle"!
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I almost certainly jizzed in my pants from hearing the news... NOT from seeing the below image. Just thought I'd clear that up before anyone saw the oppurtunity to make some snarky comment.

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C'mon Jake, the name pracitcally gives it away.

As for the remakes, hopefully they'll be more enjoyable this time since Game Freak gets a chance to rectify it's mistakes from the first time. Especially with the ability to trade to Red/Blue too early in the game. That practically destroys any challenge the game offers, since you can sweep through the game with your veteran team as opposed to a new one.
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Are you a /b/rotha by any chance?

I couldn't honestly call myself anything of a /b/rotha, nor a /b/tard or even a /b/astard -- I may occasionally lurk the place, but that's basically the extent of things.

Anyways, Heart Gold and Soul Silver will probably adopt Diamond and Pearl's method of allowing cross-generation Pokemon transfers only after conquering the Elite Four. As long as a Crystal remake isn't announced a year after having spent fifty dollars on a Silver remake, I'll be content.
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