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I'd argue that it's actually much more fun and engaging to play than Super Paper Mario was, which was a painful slog.

So far aside from the niggling little things that both Kimmimaru and Trainman mentioned, I find it really enjoyable. I just can't wrap my head around why you can't target enemies or why they all share the same HP bar. Or why Thing Stickers are such a pain in general. Quite a few unusually bad design decisions for a Nintendo game.

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I'd say it's better than SPM, but not by a huge margin.
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How much did Nintendo pay you to write that?

But really, I guess I expected SS to right all of SPM's wrongs.

Don't get me wrong; I'd LOVE another Paper Mario in the first two games' styles and would prefer it over the Sticker Star style. However, they can still improve the formula used in Sticker Star (whereas the formula in TTYD is much more fleshed out and nearly flawless in my humble opinion), and I want to see how they do it.
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I'm glad they brought up the HP levels. It also allows attacks to have multiple steps so you're at a small advantage if you're good and allows the damage each subsequent, successful action command does to be tweaked reasonably. A good example is the standard jump sticker allowing five jumps if you time it right.

Superguards are gone, and the margin for error with action commands is enormous here. So, don't expect to be messing up action commands basically ever, even if you suck at it.
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Maybe this thread should be renamed.