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That. Is. AWESOME! I don't really like how they made Mario and Luigi sort of the normal plumbers that they always are in a world that seems to be defined by guns and technology. But it looks like they'll be getting some upgrades in the next episode, which I can't wait for.

I love the production value. I almost wish someone would do something like this only with a faithful representation of the Mario universe.

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oh goodie. another grody realistic take on mario. haven't seen that before.

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Yeah, that GTA 4 machinima perfected the genre. Dunno why peoples ae still bothering.

Also, they're using kickstarter to fund it? I'm no legal expert, but asking money for fan works seems risky.

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The Mushroom Kingdom meets Equilibrium Gun Kata meets Léon: The Professional. I have seen those before.
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Why must Peach always be "re-envisioned" as a Tarantinoesque hooker?

Not showing Mario at the beginning was a nice touch, though.
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I enjoyed There Will Be Brawl quite a bit, which was another gritty take on Mario. So I'll be watching with great interest.
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