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« on: October 29, 2000, 07:56:48 PM »
My brother and I got our copy of Zelda: Majora's Mask on Friday the 27th.  We ended up getting one of the ultra-cool collecter's carts with the 3D sticker on front, which I thought was pretty cool.

Anyway, for everybody out there, this game is fantastic.  The storyline is exceptionally original, the gameplay is nice and lemony-fresh, and even though graphics have rightfully taken a backseat to gameplay they are improved several times over those of Ocarina of Time.

Kudos to Nintendo, Shigeru Miyamoto, and the entire Zelda team for an outstanding job on this game.  All my fears of a shoddy and shallow follow-up of commercialism were dispelled as soon as I turned on my 64.

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^_^ Ahh yes, the wonders of Majora-ness. I too, recentally picked up my copy of that, two days before the release date in sears o__o;. ^^; But what a lucky deal, only 35$, and the pretty gold carteridge +sticker.[They should make a silver carteridge too ¬.¬] And I'll also agree, stunning graphics, same, wonderful music--with a few extras. New enemies, [Although, the "Real Bombchu"s freak me out... ^^;;;;] are wonderful with much Zelda-ness still attached. And some of the dungeons and puzzles are absolutly mind-blowing! It took me and a freind at least two days [nearly two-days STRAIGHT] to figure out the Snowhead temple. Of course, with no players guide handy or anything like that ^_~. Definatally one game a true gamer shouldn't be without. However, if anyone is at the part where you need to find thouse seven[?] eggs for Lulu, the Zora band singer, so she can get her voice back... I've having a teeny~tiiny problem-o finding them. Any help would be most appreciated.

~Kat~  *arg... forgot how to make my old signiture, and I didn't save it to my profile... ^_~;;;*


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« Reply #2 on: November 04, 2000, 07:21:29 PM »
'Tis a grand game indeed, truly worthy of the Zelda title (and they brought back the original overworld tune!  Yay!)
Kat: I'm certain I can help your perdicament; where are you having trouble?  Getting into the Gerudo (pirate) fortress?  Evading the gaurds?  Getting to Pinnacle rock?  Finding the eggs in either of those two places (all seven are divided between them)?
And don't worry, the next temple upholds its share of confusing puzzles quite nicely.  It helps to go in with plenty of time, so as not to have search for the boss's room with fewer than five hours left (I know from experience that it's hard to concentrate like that)
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Argh!  Why can't I just take a few days off from real life to play Majora's Mask?  I have only put in about three hours so far.

I'm jealous.

I was excited about the return to the original overworld theme, too.  Ocarina of Time sounded naked without it :(
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Oye, Fifth, This'll sound pathetic, but getting to that fortress/temple or whatnot, I'm getting disheveled in where I'm actually going! I believe I have to go beyond the "murky water" where the alleged "sea snakes" or something similar live. When you sink to the bottom of the floor, there are a bunch of signs with arrows, pointing the way to go, but I usually falter, and have to start over again. Is this the correct path to go to get to the Gerudo fortress? The Zora nearby mentioned something about following a gold fish... @__@;;; I've found moreso where I think the actual fortress is, but it's barricaded and blocked and I can't seem to find a way in. ^__^;; Sorry if I begin to sound like a dumb blond, but it's not quite easy describing something so vast when you aren't actually looking at it. And to wrap up this post, I was bored last night from running around taking pictures of everything in the swamp,.... and other places, he he, but I sat down to draw Deku Link, ^^; aaaaand..... here's what came out:

Tell me what'cha people think, opinions are always welcome. ^-~ [Although, there's *something* wrong with Deku Links snout. -__-; ]



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Nice picture, Kat.  'Tis very well-done.
Anyway, I believe I know what you're talking about.  The place with the murky waters leads to Pinnacle rock.  You can get through without a fish, but it's rather difficult.  The fisherman'll give you such a fish in return for a picture of one of the pirates (has to show her face).
Getting into the pirate fortress... there are four wooden doors with a skull and crossbones on them on a wall at the bottom of the ocean near the fortress.  You can break through by swimming into them, one will hide the enterance.

A few last random words of wisdom - don't ever try to kill a real bomb-chu with a hookshot.  It dosen't work like one would expect.
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I doubt there's any interest left in this thread, but I felt a need to tack on my admiration of Majora's Mask.

It kicks big, hairy skullkid ass. :D

I F-I-N-A-L-L-Y got it for Christmas, and, miraculously enough, I got the one with the 3D-hologram-thing-sticker.  I love pretty much everything about this game (except that ****ed Gyorg, what a pain) especially the whole freaky atmosphere, it offsets the epic feeling of Ocarina of Time perfectly, as it was meant to do. (before it was released, it was called Zelda:  Gaiden, remember?  Gaiden means sidestory )

Sooo. . . what was everybody's favorite mask? (besides the obvious Fierce Diety Mask).

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Blast mask!

That thing's both amusing and useful!
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Mine's the Giant's Mask.  The whole Twinmold fight is just too cool. :D
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« Reply #9 on: January 10, 2001, 10:54:28 PM »
The Couple's Mask looks downright wierd.  My favorite is probably the Stone Mask.  Just think what you could get away with if you were invisible... (tehehe)
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Speaking of Majora's Mask, there is a Mario cameo in the game. Go to the Clock Tower and look behind the mask dealer. He'll be wearing a heavy sack. Look to the far left of the sack and guess what you'll find there? A Mario Mask! Check it out.
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My favorite mask: Bunny Hood. It's so funny to see some guy trying to save the world while looking like a rabbit. The feirce diety mask is also cool.

As for the game, it was good, just not great. The game was way too short compared to Ocarena of Time. I would have liked to see more dungeons and battles. The plot for the other characters was much better, and the real-time way they went on with their daily lives is great. But even searching for all the masks, the game was about half as long as ToOT.

« Reply #12 on: January 25, 2001, 07:51:21 PM »
I like the penultimate boss (Majora's Incarnation)
because if you avoid enough of it's attacks it eventually does
the moonwalk :)

Feirce Deity is rather cool, as well. Heh heh heh...

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Oooooh... Good question Chilly Billy--I'd say The Deku mask for me. ^_^ Since Deku Link is so kawaii! (Cute) However.. aside from the transformation masks... I also like the Kamaro Mask...It's so humourus! I showed a buncha my freinds at a "video-game-non-slumber-party" and we all laughed so hard when Link danced for the Rosa sisters! ^__^;; He looked almost like a stripper~! *oye*
 I was wondering too... what was everyone's favorite new song? I LOVE the Elgy of Emptiness. The New Wave Bossa Nova was just a pain to learn too... ¬.¬

--Tip: When wearing the Deku Mask, and you're hopping over the water, tap A (spin attack) right before your first hop and it'll give Link a "boost" across the water, and he'll go really fast. Try it, it's fun. :)

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I LOVE THAT GAME!!!!!!!!!!

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