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Forum Games / Hunt the Wumpus!
« on: August 07, 2006, 08:35:49 PM »
(The rules have been changed since the incorporation of teams)

Ah, it's an old classic with a new's multiplayer and more susupenseful now since a new turn only happens every day.

With the addition of more players, I realize that the old free-for-all model won't work as well anymore, since it's so crowded and half the players + the wumpus would probably die within the first two turns. So, I have made teams, and since there are an equal number of players from each forum, those will be the teams.

The object of this game is to kill the wumpus, which is supposed to be some man-eating beast(I always picture the Wampas from Star Wars when I think of a wumpus). Each player starts out in an unoccupied room in a twenty room maze with five magical arrows and team-wide walkie-talkies(It's not like I can stop PMs between players, so go ahead, share information if it helps your team win). Each room connects to three other rooms(it's too dark, so you can't see into them), and each turn, you will have the choice to:

A. Stay where you are
B. Move to an adjacent room
C. Shoot an arrow into an adjacent room

The wumpus moves a space each turn, but only after everyone else takes their turn, and if you end up in the same room as the wumpus, you will be eaten. You can smell the wumpus when it is one or two rooms away, and if you manage to shoot an arrow into the room containing the wumpus, you hurt(or kill) the wumpus and get points for it.

There are two other things in the maze besides the wumpus and other players; pits and bats. If you walk into a room with a pit, you will fall down it and die. If you walk into a room with a bat, you will be flown to a random room(which could be hazardous as well). However, if you shoot an arrow into a pit room you will hear it fall to the bottom of the pit, and if you shoot one into a bat room, the bat will die. If you shoot one into a room that contains nothing, you will simply hear it bounce off the wall. Also, there are also a couple special items in the cave every round, but those will be explained when you find them.

You will also hear or see indications of things which are in ONE of the rooms adjacent to you.

If you hear squeaking, a bat is in an adjacent room
If you feel a draft, a pit is in an adjacent room
If you hear bare footsteps, a TUNMB player is in an adjacent room
If you hear clogs, a TMK player is in an adjacent room

Now here's the "twist" I was talking about; you can kill other players for points! For the purposes of this game, all players shooting arrows go before any players moving, so if you hear footsteps, you might be able to get somebody before they move along! However, you may not kill somebody in the same room as you, as you can only shoot arrows into adjacent rooms.

In essence, the wumpus has three hit points. It takes three arrows to kill it. The wumpus will move randomly up until the point when players from only one team are remaining. At this time, it will realize that there is not as much threat and will actively hunt down the remaining team(it can smell people anywhere in the cave, so it will find all of you eventually). It's also no longer necessary to go through PMs when you're the last man standing, since the other team is dead, and so everyone can watch the final confrontation.

The round ends when somebody has killed the wumpus, everybody is dead, or everybody has run out of arrows. Points are scored as follows:

20 points for hurting the wumpus wiht an arrow
30 points for delivering the killing blow to the wumpus
10 points for killing an opposing player
2 points for every arrow you have left at the end of a round(if you didn't die)
No penalty for killing a teammate(but it ain't good for your team, so don't do it)

If you're still confused about the rules, just look up "hunt the wumpus" on Google and you can play single player versions of it online.

If you intend to play, sign up here. All new signups will begin play on the next round. All your details will be PMed to you, and you should PM your moves back to me unless you want everybody else to know where you are and what you're doing. At the end of each turn I will post if anyone has died or whatever here. A new turn will begin every day, and if you don't PM me by then, your character will just sit there. However, if everybody PMs their move before then, I'll start the next turn immediately.

Have fun!

Mario Chat / Pick a Brother
« on: November 15, 2005, 10:27:50 PM »
It's the first poll of the new board! I already know which character has more support here, but I'm just trying out the new poll option.

So.....VOTE NOW!

Mario Chat / Re: mario party 3?
« on: March 18, 2005, 09:39:01 PM »
Mario Party 3 came out a looong time ago. What you're waiting for now is Mario Party 7.

Site Discussion / Re: Greetings and comments
« on: March 16, 2005, 05:43:47 PM »
Uhh...strange lands? You mean like the United States?

This is your THIRD introduction thread, and it's not even in the right forum. We might take more interest in you if you just tried to blend in and post like the rest of us rather than filling the board with threads about yourself.

Mario Chat / Yay, it's another fangame!
« on: September 10, 2005, 10:38:21 PM »
You heard me. This isn't my good one though, sorry, this is my crappy one. The good one's release is on hold until my router is fixed and my custom dedicated server, UMARIONET, which will be on 24/7, is up and running.

It's called Mario Gang Wars. The idea stems from an old series of forum avatars I made. I might as well put out the warning now that this game includes excessive violence and swearing(no sex though....yet). I started it a long time ago when I was goin' through the usual "ghetto" stage every kid goes through when they think everything related to violence, sex, drugs, and profanity is "cool".

Naturally, this game ran straight into the ground because that's ALL I originally put in it. So a while after that I added to it, actually putting together a semi-coherent storyline and saving it from just looking like, well, a typical 7th grade kid's dream game.

You can download the game here. It is a Space Quest style adventure game, laced with a Superstar Saga-type RPG battle system and special minigames. Beware, in the first part of the game you can tell how young I was when I wrote it; I left most of it in since I didn't feel like re-writing that part. Also, there are messages for EVERYTHING you click on for EVERY action, so try and do everything TO everything if you want to see where most of my writing work went. And now, here are some screenshots:

Inside the "Baron's Arms" gun shop.

A minigame where you shoot down a mob of assassin toads, House-of-the-Dead style.

The main menu. You can replay stuff you've unlocked here.

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Mario Chat / Mario Bros. Online
« on: July 27, 2005, 11:16:44 PM »
I've got my game back together, and believe me, this is the best Mario fangame you'll ever play! I've worked on it since, well, at least junior high, although only a tiny bit at a time. And now, I've finally got Internet play into a workable state.

You can find the download(only the first link works) and a ton of screenshots here:

Since I finally got a game server running, I can run this online myself now! I'm planning a time frame where I'll run the game server, and people will join and play me. I already played this online yesterday with my cousin who lives on the other side of the state, and it wasn't too bad. I need people from farther away than that to test how it handles lag, though. I already posted this on another forum, so if you're lucky, you may meet up with one of the people from there.

I've already planned the times. On Friday I'll be running the game server from 3:00 to 5:00 PM central time. For those of you too lazy to convert, it is:

Pacific: 1-3 PM

Mountain: 2-4 PM

Central: 3-5 PM

Eastern: 4-6 PM

INSTRUCTIONS: During this time period, open the game and if you'd like to continue to read the info here, hit Space at the main menu to take it off of fullscreen mode. Then click "Network/Internet Play", and then click "Internet TCP/IP Connection for DirectPlay" on the next menu. Enter your nickname when it asks you, then hit "J" for join. My IP address is, so type that in when it asks you, and (hopefully) you'll see my game once it connects. Hit "1" and enter to join it if it's there, otherwise, well, either the server's full with 4 people or you can't connect(hopefully it'll be the former). Once you do that, you'll be in the chatroom with me! I'd suggest reading the readme before you play so you don't complain about other people using manuevers you didn't know were there.

General Chat / An Edumacational Video
« on: March 07, 2005, 10:31:26 PM »
Go here to see the information available to new, young, influencable drivers like me.

One of the best flash films I've ever seen. In my opinion. Of course, all the rest of the flash movies I've posted at message board have been booed down, so I'm due for a good show....right? Right?

*waits for immenent disapproval*

If I had a dollar for every brain you don`t have, I`d have one dollar.

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Game Help / Yaridovich..............
« on: January 16, 2004, 10:03:48 PM »
I don't understand this, I've beaten 'im a hundered times before, but now I simply can't score the win! I don't know if I've forgotten my technique or what, but this guy is givin' me serious trouble!

EDIT: Whoops, I found the problem.........Perhaps I should raise my experience beyond level 10!

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Site Discussion / Motion to ban NOBODY!
« on: September 21, 2003, 04:42:02 PM »
Seriously, this is getting ridiculous. There's no less than 5 Motions to ban *insert name here* in Site discussion. Whoever made those laws of order is probably rolling in his grave right now. It's already been said that there's no way to ban someone from these boards, and that it can't be fixed, so these WON'T do any more good!

Can anyone guess what TV show on Nickelodeon this is from and who said it?

"For my first legal act, I would like to make a motion! *dances* Da da daaaa da da da da da!"

Mario Chat / Ever wanted an online multiplayer Mario game?
« on: June 16, 2003, 02:38:08 PM »
Guess what? Now it's done! You can now play the classic game Mario Bros. in battle mode online! So far only 2 player is supported on the internet, but I'm trying to get in 3 and 4 player! Just download the new release of the game here.

The actual connecting is a bit tricky right now; you have to know the time of someone's sessions and either of your IPs to connect. But the test I did with someone on another forum went well, so it's playable. You've also got some new moves like backflipping and sliding to avoid enemies and the other players. This took a while to develop with Dark Basic and all(added a good 300 lines of code........)

Note: Version 1.20 won't work online with this new one, it's version 1.21.

Edited by - CashCrazed on 6/16/2003 1:43:03 PM

Site Discussion / To Deezer: Restricted HTML Use
« on: May 30, 2003, 08:52:06 PM »
I have a way that you could have HTML for use here that wouldn't be dangerous. Enable HTML, but censor commands that could be used harmfully, like <table>, <div>, and <script>. Only allow things like bold, italic, underline, image use, stuff like that. Of course, theere might be a way to evade the censors for unrestricted HTML, but that would be a forum trick to learn, just like unrestricted HTML is now. There's nothing to lose. What do you say?

Site Discussion / Deezer, why are you................
« on: March 07, 2003, 05:27:50 PM »
Why are you telling the HTML secret? EVERYBODY is gonna end up knowing it if you just HAND it out to anybody who asks!

General Chat / Largest amount of replies in topics?
« on: November 09, 2002, 08:52:51 PM »
What is the largest amount of replies you've gotten in one of YOUR topics?(don't even bother to SPEAK, Chocobo or Yoshi Girl). My record is far........can you guess which one it is?

Site Discussion / Why has Site Discussion been abandoned?
« on: November 08, 2002, 06:32:57 PM »
Site Discussion was never a big board, but nobody's posted here for 20 DAYS! Most likely because everyone's lost faith in Deezer to keep this board in shape.......

Forum Games / The IMPROVED Battle RPG
« on: November 07, 2002, 09:56:14 PM »
Here, this is the THIRD time I've brought back the Battle RPG, but now I've refined it even more, and this is only going to be ONE topic in GMC now, no seperate forum to go to.

I've gathered ALL the information on it now. It is very similar to Paper Mario's, but whatever works well does.

Here is my character

Max HP:10
Max FP:5

Hammer - normal attack
Metal Cap(1) - +2D for 3 turns
Fireball(2) - +2A, +4A v. ice, +0A v. fire

Blue POW Block

---------GENERAL RULES----------

There are four teams:Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and Bowser. First pick a team to be on. In battles, teams fight each other with an equal amount of players(1v1, 2v2, 1v1v1).

Every 100 EXP you get gains you a level. EXP is as follows. Round fractions up.

Winning:EXP = (opponent's level / your level) * 75
Losing:EXP = (opponent's level / your level) * 50

You also get coins equal to 3 * your opponent's level just for fighting.

Items: You can carry up to three items for a battle, one use each. Once you buy it in the shop, you can carry it in battle any time you want. You cannot carry two or more of any item into battle. This is an item description in the shop.

Item:Price - Description

Battles: Battles can take place in a certain scene(forest, town, castle). Every member of the battle must take their turn at most one day after their last turn, otherwise it is lost.

Cooking Service: If you have the items in your inventory necessary for the recipe, add it to your inventory too.


One-use items:
Goomnut:1 - Restores 3 FP
Mushroom:2 - Restore 5 HP
Honey Syrup:2 - Restore 5 FP
Posion Mushroom:3 - Posions an enemy
Fire Flower:3 - Does 3 HP damage to all opponents
Red POW Block:3 - Does 2 HP damage to all opponents and confuses them for 1 turn
Blue POW Block:3 - Paralyses all opponents for 2 turns
Grab Bag:5 - When you use it, it becomes two items, but an opponent of your choice chooses them
Pure Water:5 - Does 10 damage on ghost or fire opponents
Mystery?:5 - Random effect, does not count as part of three item limit
Plunder Chest:6 - Steals an opponent's item
Coffee:8 - Lets you attack 3 times for 1 turn
Maple Syrup:10 - Restores 10 FP
Super Shroom:10 - Restores 20 HP
Alarm Clock:10 - Wakes you up if asleep
Hot Food:10 - Increases attack by 50% for 3 turns
Lemon Sugar:10 - Gives you 1 more attack.
Trash Can:10 - Keeps one opponent out of play for 5 turns
Elixir:15 - Restores 10 HP to all team members
Able Juice:15 - Heals any condition
Dizzy Dial:15 - 66% chance of stupifying opponent for 3 turns
Lullaby Record:15 - Puts opponent to sleep for 3 turns
Big Boo Photo:15 - Scares opponent
Lullaby Record:15 - 50% chance of putting someone to sleep
Duct Tape:15 - 75% chance of muting a character
Pick Me Up:20 - Revives a dead teammate to 1/2 his Max HP
Energizer:20 - Increases attack by 25%
Bracer:20 - Increases defense by 25%
Fire Bomb:20 - Hit all opponents with fire for 10 HP damage
Ice Bomb:20 - Hit all opponents with ice for 10 HP damage
Freshen Up:25 - Heals entire team of conditions
Ultra Shroom:30 - Restores 50 HP
Jammin' Jelly:30 - Restores 50 FP
Rock Candy:30 - Does 20 HP damage to all opponents regardless of defense
Megalixir:35 - Restores 30 HP to all team members
Super Shake:40 - Doubles defense, attack, and # of attacks for 3 turns
Red Essence:40 - Become invincible for 3 turns
Max Mushroom:50 - Totally refills HP
Royal Syrup:50 - Totally refills FP
1-up Mushroom:55 - Revives a dead teammate to full HP

Equippable items:
Insurance Card:10 - Opponent's items have a 50% chance of working on you
Hammer Pack:20 - Does 5 HP damage
Backpack:25 - Lets you carry five usable items instead of three
Koopa Shell:30 - Doubles defense
Nok-Nok Shell:30 - Doubles attack
Scrooge Ring:30 - Cuts FP use in half, round fractions up
Lucky Medal:30 - Get twice as many Coins for winning a battle
Hero Medal:40 - Get twice as much EXP for winning a battle
Bowser Shell:40 - Prevents fright
EXP Booster:50 - Get 3 times as much EXP for winning a battle, but decreases attack by 50%
Coin Trick:50 - Get 3 times as many Coins for winning a battle, but decreases defense by 50%
Quick Boots:60 - Get two attacks every other turn

Stat-raising items(these automatically make your stats higher after you buy them):
Small Heart:2 - Add 1 to Max HP
Normal Heart:5 - Add 3 to Max HP
Large Heart:10 - Add 5 to Max HP
Super Heart:20 - Add 10 to Max HP
Flower Tab:4 - Add 1 to Max FP
Flower Jar:7 - Add 3 to Max FP
Flower Box:15 - Add 5 to Max FP
Flower Crate:30 - Add 10 to Max FP

Ability ? items(these are permanent items to use in battle anytime):
? See Ya:5 - Run away from battle, opponent still gets winning EXP total
? Lucky Jewel:10 - Play the casino game at the end of a fight for extra Coins or EXP
? Goodie Bag:15 - Use your turn to gain 1 Coin from this bag
? Yoshi Aid:20 - Heal entire team of (base attack / fighting team members) HP
? Star Egg:30 - Quakes arena, causing (level * 5) HP damage to ALL characters in battle

You can carry up to three usable items, wear three equippable items, and carry unlimited ? items at once in battle.


Name: Your Name
Team: Either Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, or Bowser team
Max HP:10
Max FP:5
Attack & Defense: 3 points to be spread however, like 1 attack and 2 defense or the other way around, no negative numbers though.
Items: You start with any one item 5 coins or less

Attacks: Choose any three attacks, following these rules;

1. Damaging attacks are to be of your attack power and costs 1 FP for each additional points. Same goes for healing. Some can be stronger against certain elements, but the same number of other elements must make it weaker.
2. Temporary attack or defense raising attacks are of a base of +1A or D for 3 turns; addition turns can be added for 1 FP each, additional points can be added for 1 FP per +1. Same goes for enemy stat lowering ones, only base is 2 turns, cannot make enemy stats negative.
3. Condition causing attacks are at a base of 50%(1/2) chance of working at 3 turns. Additional both 1/+1(66%, 75%, etc.) and turns cost 1 FP each.

You get a new attack, 15 more points to be spread among Max HP or FP(Each FP costs 2 points), and 1 point to be added to either attack or defense.


Poison:P - Takes away 1 HP * level per turn
Paralysis:PA - Stuuned for a number of turns
Confused:C - 1/2 chance of hitting yourself
Mute:M - Can't use FP using attacks
Asleep:SLP - Can't move for a number of turns, defense goes up by 50%
Scared:FEAR - Defense goes down by 25% and attack goes down by 50%
Fainted:FNT - You're out of the battle
Stupified:STP - For a number of turns, your attack and defense go down by 25%, you will cause 1 damage to yourself, and you can't use items
Dizzy:DZY - You stare into the sky and will miss attacks 75% of the time for a number of turns

--------COOKING SERVICE---------

Mistake - Cures 1 HP and 1 FP \ Any items
Fried Shroom - Cures 6 HP and 2 FP \ Mushroom


I'll add any items, conditions, recipes, etc., that you post to the lists if they are reasonable.

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