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Site Discussion / Mailbag 10 Jun 2003
« on: June 11, 2003, 09:36:18 PM »
If you guys missed it, J.J. is back with a new mailbag.  He has brought back the public mocking of Mario fans as well.

Mario Chat / Mario Physics
« on: June 06, 2003, 11:32:40 PM »
How can Mario jump so high?  Is he super human with muscles that can exert more force faster than ours?  Is the Mushroom Kingdom on a planet with less gravity?  Does he have a steel plate in his head and a reinforce spine that allows him to hit his head on so many bricks?  Could he be in a different universe where the physics are different?  Maybe he's just a giant compared to the rest of his world?  What about the Super Mushroom, Fire Flower, and Starman?  Or, the other creature and things in the Mushroom Kingdom?

How would you use physics to explain Mario's abilities?

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"I bet Einstein turned himself all sorts of colors before he invented the light bulb."

Mario Chat / More Cameos
« on: May 31, 2003, 12:45:36 PM »
This is actually cameos for the Master Sword, but Mario is in a lot of them.

Video Game Chat / Sony's new Game Boy Advance.
« on: May 28, 2003, 10:46:01 PM »

Umm...somebody made a mistake.


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"March 10 - Mar10 - Mario."

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Video Game Chat / Playing video games may sharpen your mind.
« on: May 28, 2003, 09:13:01 PM »

Study: Playing video games not so mindless

NEW YORK (AP) --All those hours spent playing video games may not be wasted time after all: A new study suggests action-packed video games like "Grand Theft Auto III" and "Counter-Strike" may sharpen your mind.

Researchers at the University of Rochester found that young adults who regularly played video games full of high-speed car chases and blazing gun battles showed better visual skills than those who did not. For example, they kept better track of objects appearing simultaneously and processed fast-changing visual information more efficiently.

To rule out the possibility that visually adept people are simply drawn to video games, the researchers conducted a second experiment. They found that people who do not normally play video games but were trained to play them developed enhanced visual perception.

Useful to train soldiers?
Exactly why video games have this effect is not clear. The researchers said more study is needed.

They said the findings suggest that video games could be used to help visually impaired patients see better or to train soldiers for combat.

The study was published in Thursday's issue of the journal Nature and was led by Daphne Bavelier, an associate professor of brain and cognitive sciences.

Parent groups and anti-violence advocates contend that the bloodshed in some video games triggers aggressive behavior in young people, as some hotly disputed studies have suggested. They blame violent video games for such crimes as the 1999 Columbine High School massacre.

The new study did not directly address how video violence affects behavior. Instead, the experiments focused on a person's ability to recognize and interpret symbols and letters after playing video games.

Violence not addressed
"Some people think that video games are turning kids into supergeniuses or psychokillers," said Kurt Squire, an educational game designer at Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Games-To-Teach Project, who was not part of the study. "The reality is probably close to this, where people can process visual information much quicker and be able to discern between different types of information."

Soldiers who grow up playing video games do better in processing information on a screen or operating long-range unmanned aerial vehicles that can film or photograph enemy activity on the ground, according to military experts.

"There are some very avid video gamers in the military. The people who have been playing video games all their lives seem a lot more comfortable in some of these kinds of environments," said Lt. Cmdr. Russell Shilling of the MOVES Institute at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California.

Details about the study
In the Rochester study, 16 men ages 18 to 23 took a series of tests that measured their ability to locate the position of a blinking object, count the number of simultaneous objects on a screen and pick out the color of an alphabet letter. Those who played video games for the previous six months performed better in all those tests than those who did not.

In a separate test, a group of 17 who never played video games were trained to play the military game "Medal of Honor" and the puzzle game "Tetris." After playing for 10 days, those who learned "Medal of Honor" scored better on the performance tests than those who didn't.

Pamela Eakes, president of the Seattle-based Mothers Against Violence in America, said scientists need to look more closely at the effects of video violence on habitual video-game players.

Mario Chat / They hate Mario in Zelda
« on: May 18, 2003, 01:13:05 PM »

I copied this article directly from

Sony takes on GameBoy
Electronics maker hopes to challenge dominance of Nintendo.
May 13, 2003: 3:04 PM EDT

LOS ANGELES (CNN/Money) - Sony threw the gaming industry a curve Wednesday, announcing plans to launch a portable gaming system, which will compete directly with Nintendo's GameBoy Advance.

Dubbed the PSP (PlayStation Portable), the system is scheduled to be released for the 2004 holiday season. The company did not announce any pricing details.

The PSP will utilize a new proprietary storage disk, offer a backlit screen and have a rechargeable battery. It will also offer 3D graphics and sound and will measure approximately 4.5 inches and offer a wide-screen viewing format. Sony Computer Entertainment president and CEO Ken Kutaragi called the device "the Walkman of the 21st century".

Additionally, the machine will come equipped with a USB 2.0 port, allowing high speed data transfers and will have a slot for Sony's memory stick data storage technology.

Nintendo has long been the king of the hill of handheld gaming, but analysts and industry insiders have wondered when Sony would try to move in. Ten years ago, Sony launched the PlayStation, which eventually gave it a dominant position in the video game industry.

At its press conference before the Electronic Entertainment Expo, Sony moved to maintain that dominance. And while it didn't cut the price of its PS2 console, it did make some changes.

Starting in June, Sony will sell a revamped system that will be bundled with its popular online adaptor starting in June. The upgraded PS2 will continue to sell for $199.

The upgraded machine will also offer the ability to play re-writable DVDs and will offer progressive scan technology, which will improve the visual quality of movies watched on the console. The machine will also be quieter than current models.

Sony also moved to blend the PS2's multimedia functions with its gameplay ability, introducing the EyeToy, a device that will let players digitally insert images of themselves into games.

"We need to depart from the status quo," said Kaz Hirai, president and COO of Sony Computer Entertainment America. "Leadership requires new thinking. ... Look for us for finding the right path to entertainment convergence."

Essentially, the EyeToy is the first cousin of a Webcam, which plugs into one of the PS2's USB ports. Your physical actions are then reflected in the game world. For instance, when playing a fighting game, you might punch or kick in the air in your living room and see your opponent take it on the chin in the game.

The EyeToy will likely appeal more to children than hardcore gamers, but that's part of Sony's plan.

"This is a piece of Sony's larger strategy to move down the age curve and make the PS2 a key part of kids' lives, not just older players' lives," said John Taylor, managing director and analyst for Arcadia Investment Corp. "I think you're going to see music and other activities show up as a key part of PS2 catalog."

Games were another key part of Sony's presentation. Perhaps most importantly, the company announced the next installment of Take Two Interactive's "Grand Theft Auto" franchise will debut exclusively on the PS2. Also announced was the next in the "Gran Turismo" racing series, which has been Sony's most successful game line, with 32 million copies of the games sold. "Gran Turismo 4" will be the first game in the series to be playable online.

Sony is far and away the industry's console sales leader, with more than 16.8 million in U.S. homes compared to 5 million Xboxes and 3.8 million GameCubes. That dominance is likely to continue growing – as some analysts feel 2004 could be the best year yet for video game machines.

"This year ought to be the peak year for hardware sales," said John Taylor, managing director and analyst for Arcadia Investment Corp.

2004 may not be quite as shiny, though, as Taylor predicts hardware sales will slip 20 percent industry-wide.

Sony's lead is so strong in the video game field that many analysts say the company didn't really need to cut prices at this time. They still expect the company to lower the console's retail price later this summer or prior to the holiday shopping season so Sony can meet its stated goal of selling 10.5 million PS2 units in North America this year.

General Chat / Movies
« on: May 10, 2003, 09:45:59 PM »
What movies are you most looking forward to seeing?

The Matrix: Reloaded - May 15th, 2003
Bruce Almighty - May 23rd, 2003
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines - July 2nd, 2003
Johnny English - July 18th, 2003
Spider-Man II - July 2nd, 2004

Mario Chat / Another Mario reference
« on: May 10, 2003, 07:42:06 PM »
There are a two plumbers in the Fighting Fantasy 55, "Deathmoor" game book, named Oiram and Igiul.

Mario Chat / Super Mario 64: Ultimate Edition Announced for GameCube!
« on: April 21, 2003, 09:09:51 PM »
Super Mario 64: Ultimate Edition Announced for GameCube!
Posted on April 1, 2003

From the date I would guess that this is a April Fools joke, but...


"I believe that with this game you''''ll be able to feel the "newness" that was missing from Mario Sunshine."

- Shigeru Miyamoto on Super Mario 128

Forum Games / Mario Fallout Shelter
« on: April 21, 2003, 10:09:49 AM »
Someone exploded a "Nuke" in the Mario Diner and may have destroyed both the Diner and the Bar.  So, a few people ran for the Mario Fallout Shelter.  We can stay here while the radiation dies down.  In the mean time, who want some hot Dr. Pepper?


"I believe that with this game you''''ll be able to feel the "newness" that was missing from Mario Sunshine."

- Shigeru Miyamoto on Super Mario 128

Mario Chat / Vote for Mario
« on: April 19, 2003, 09:06:30 PM »
Cast your Vote for

 Best Mario Spinoffs
 Best Mario Power Ups
 Best Levels in Mario Games
 Best of Mario



"I believe that with this game you''''ll be able to feel the "newness" that was missing from Mario Sunshine."

- Shigeru Miyamoto on Super Mario 128

Video Game Chat / Metroid Prime 2 (tentative title)
« on: April 19, 2003, 08:57:47 PM »

A follow-up to the hit Metroid Prime is in development. No release date or other information is available at this time.

If you find out anything about the new game let us know.

Video Game Chat / GIFTPIA to come to the US?
« on: April 17, 2003, 03:11:05 PM »
I was just looking at the Official Japaneze website and saw what looked like a cool RPG called GIFTPIA.  Does anyone know if it is coming to the US?


"I believe that with this game you''''ll be able to feel the "newness" that was missing from Mario Sunshine."

- Shigeru Miyamoto on Super Mario 128

Video Game Chat / Dark Cloud 2 for GameCube?
« on: April 17, 2003, 02:56:19 PM »
This game looks great.  I think it is a PS2 exclusive, but do you think it will ever come to the GameCube?


"I believe that with this game you''''ll be able to feel the "newness" that was missing from Mario Sunshine."

- Shigeru Miyamoto on Super Mario 128

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