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« on: October 21, 2012, 07:56:23 PM »
Sometimes, I make music. When I do, I often don't finish it. Here's where I put things to show people:

And here's a thing I finished just today:

I started working on it in August of 2011. I slowly added to it and tweaked it and fixed it until it was awesome. At least, I think it's awesome. I've heard it so many times by this point that I can't even tell if it's awesome or terrible (or anywhere in between) anymore.
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I certainly know how that feels (listening to something so much you can't judge it any longer). I said the same thing in #TMK just now, but it becomes very catchy around the midpoint. In any case, it is a very jolly piece, perhaps too jolly to create a distinguishable or memorable theme other than the upward and downward 4 note scale.
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I like it!  I always a story to go along with instrumental music, and "So Awesome" made me imagine being in some sort of arcade/laser tag zone and discovering the Bonus Room, or some magical place you can only reach after beating the game.
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I like your chiptunes.


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So, I found this on my computer today. I don't remember making it, but apparently I did? Whatever.

Also I've got a couple new things on Soundcloud but nothing really noteworthy just yet.
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Reminds me a lot of SMRPG.
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gonna go ahead and report you for copyright infringement for that one

Just kidding. It sounds really good*, if it is indeed yours.
gets added points for being a midi, otherwise quite short and simple. too short, but not too simple.
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I found some more old tunes on my computer.
Very much "inspired" by the Pirates movies. I conceived it as a "walk up to the final boss" section of a video game. About five years old, maybe more.
Made this about three years ago, or perhaps slightly less. I was trying to sound like Banjo-Kazooie. I think I succeeded.
It's brand new! I wasn't going to post about this here just yet, but I figured since I was already making a post I might as well. About a week ago, a friend from school wrote a fantastic acoustic piece, and I asked if I could record it to add to it. The guitar is him, the drums are my contribution. (I don't play the drums, but I can wrangle a sequencer pretty well.)
The reason that the guitar is all choppy and staticky is that a) it was recorded on my phone, and b) the recording was chopped to fit a unified tempo. When he recorded it, his speed was all over the place, and I needed to even it out to work with it on my own. After we're done adding things like drums, bass, and perhaps a synth section, we'll re-record the guitar, and I'll spend a few hours giving it a nice mix. The goal is to have something at least sort of professional-sounding.
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Hey BriGuy! your track 'So awesome' is pretty awesome, you weren't mistaken. It kind of reminded me of Adebisi Shank. I don't usually listen to this kind of music but that crazy colorful stuff going fast is cool, great job man.

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