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There was no one like him. In the early days, Parkour was just a pastime. But Luigi...The L Man...he made it into a discipline. He could jump higher. He could jump farther. He was everywhere. And then he was gone. He just slid off the map. And went underground.

Finding Luigi documents Luigi's legendary rise to fame in Parkour and his sudden disappearance from the sport. Highlighting the L-Man's signature moves and incredible mechanics, and featuring testimonials from some of Luigi's closest friends and Parkour colleagues, this is one story you won't want to miss!

Nintendo posted this unlisted video onto YouTube, one of their most unique and well done advertising shorts ever. The "documentary" maps New Super Luigi U into the real world where Luigi, the Toad twins, and Nabbit roam the streets and building tops. Watch it through the link below.

Link: YouTube

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Wonder why the video is unlisted.
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Maybe they were trying to do some kind of an "organic" viral marketing thing by having it unlisted.