Author Topic: Deezer: Koji Kondo Music?  (Read 2052 times)


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« on: December 18, 2002, 12:38:05 AM »
Hey Deez, Here's a few questions for you.

What music did Koji Kondo compose?

Did it really take you 6 years to beat SMB2?

If this forum is from Gamespy could it be  upgraded to the one the is using on

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Here's a good list of what Koji Kondo has done:

Something like that. It's not like I played it constantly for 6 years, though. I remember beating SMB, SMB3, and possibly SMW before beating SMB2. Wart was pretty tough back then.

I could theoretically set up a forum for TMK at, but I wouldn't be able to transfer all the posts from this forum to the new one. I'll look into it, seeing as how Gamespy doesn't really support this ASPforum anymore.