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« on: December 19, 2002, 08:22:05 PM »
In another thread I asked, "If this forum is from Gamespy could it be upgraded to the one the is using on"

Deezer reply, "I could theoretically set up a forum for TMK at, but I wouldn't be able to transfer all the posts from this forum to the new one. I'll look into it, seeing as how Gamespy doesn't really support this ASPforum anymore."

What do you think of the forum at

I am not asking about the people or topics, but about how the forum works.  Would you like it if Deezer used the forumplanet format here even if it would mean losing all our old posts and possibly needing to make new UserNames?  (Assuming he can do it?)

Maybe he could keep this one going for awhile so we can get used to the new one (or deside if we like it better).  Maybe he could even keep this old forum as an archive.

Whatda ya'll thank? Huh?

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I think we should just keep things as they are here.
That was a joke.