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« on: January 26, 2003, 12:44:50 PM »
I've got DirectTV so I don't have the 24 hour G4 video game channel yet.  If anyone here has it you are welcome to discuss it in the thread.

Also, you can got to to request G4 be added to your cable or satelite TV service.  Just click the GIMMIE G4 NOW link.  Registor with them and everytime you logon they will send a letter to you TV service telling them you want G4.

They also have a lot of polls.  I gave Mario and Link perfect tens in the Best Mascot poll.  As of this posting Link has an 8.1 and Mario a 7.7.  Although, I didn't check every mascots score.

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I have it! It is VERY coll. I'm even on there message board, I'm known as potato.
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Actually, I'm even in one of the commercials.
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I hope you're not that idiot that talks about seeing Samus from Super Metroid naked.
I ignored the rules about signatures, therefore I am most likely a spam account.

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Yay! Some G4 people!
Man, I love it in the Pulse Top Ten or the Filter shows when Mario stuff is better then everything else! For that week though!
Mario likes to dance in his backwards pants! Yay!

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Wow G4 TV was cool as I love video games to learn. I watch it long for few hours before midnight as I learn!

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