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« on: March 29, 2003, 11:42:38 AM »
If you have a GBA SP, tell other about it here.  If you want one, but have question, ask them here.

I think it is cool, but the batt didn't last long the first time I used it.  The lighted screen makes a huge difference in playability, but run the batt. down much faster.

I also like the way you can expand old games into GBA widescreen format, but it makes some game too distorted and harder to play.

They should have either sold it with the headphone cable or built a seperate plug into it, but instead they are trying to get people to subscribe to NP to get it.  Also, my non-Nintendo brand GBA to GCN cable pushes down the L and R buttons and block the charger/headphone slot.  Is there a cable that doen't do this?

I haven't tried the e-reader with it yet.

Overall I think it is worth the money. Now, I just want the GameBoy player for GCN.
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You can stretch the display with a normal GBA too.
And theoretically, the more you charge Ni-Cad batteries, the longer they last, for a while at least.

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Ni-Cads? I thought it used a Lithium-ion.

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