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In the "Character Ideas For Next SSB Game" thread Chupperson Weird said that there are rumors that Nintendo may buy Capcom.

Does anyone have evidence to support such rumors?  What do you think would happen if the rumors are true?

I think it would be a great move for Nintendo.  I really enjoy the NES MegaMan games, but not the new ones as much.  Nintendo could bring back the NES games in Animal Crossing or in an advance series like Super Mario Advance.  They could add MegaMan to games like SSB.  They may also make new games that would be easier (not sure if that would be better).  Besides, Nintendo and Capcom have worked well together in the past.  The GameBoy Zelda series is a good example.

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Oh man, that'd be sweet. RE Online and Mega Man X7 on GC! Woo-hoo!

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All right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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That would be cool if the made a Megaman compilation game for gamecube.

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