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So-and-so is a great man.

 Briguy92 is okay.
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Huh...look at that...I guess I have visited this forum somewhat recently if my avatar is any indication. 

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Jman! I daresay little has changed since you left a year and a half or so ago.

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Holy crap, this place still exists? You guys have to be one of the longest-lived server-side HTML-based forums I've seen (and the longest I have ever been a part of). I've logged in once a year at most. :P

On a lighter note, if Luigison is still here, he might appreciate the fact that I am now a physics teacher. I can't decide if that's irony, or just my natural calling.
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Man, it's like some of last years noobs generated new interest for old-timers that left.
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Last year's noobs? I haven't been here in a year. How could I know whatever noobs you guys have recently?
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Well, I just meant that there have been a lot of old forum goers coming back or just visiting.
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I had a strange dream last night where I was working on my old Mario fanfic. I woke up this morning wanting to come back here (I've been hanging out at the Something Awful forums for these past two years...), but I hadn't had the chance to until now. I had been logging in and out in order to add chapters to my story every six months or so, but I feel like coming back for a prolonged visit this time. So, hello everyone! Just taking a quick look around, it seems a lot of the people I remembered are still here.

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I had a weird dream a long time back where Insane Steve bet the entire Earth on a poker game...and WON. Of course I wouldn't have expected anything less from him.:D

(though looking back at the hands now as far as I can remember them, he did have a mathematical advantage in saving the Earth, but I would have hated to see the Earth be destroyed by bad luck)
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Y'know, CashCrazed, I've always wondered... back when the HTML trick was a thing, how did you go about doing it?  I discovered a method after learning from you that it was possible, but I never confirmed if your method was the same kinda thing.
What I would do was find some other site's forum that supported HTML (by putting a different number in the forum's URL, of course), then find the bit of HTML in the page source of that forum's "submit post" page that included the "enable HTML in this post" checkbox, then copy/paste that into a saved version of the "submit post" page for the post I was about to make, check the now-added checkbox, and post.

Was your method similar?  If you still remember?
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Forgot to say, I was at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. Bought about 30 CDs.
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I actually don't remember the original trick, but I remember one better. This way I feel you discovered yourself...but so much more was possible. The original Gamespy ASPFORUM software had many forums. If you went into another forum running on this flawed software, entering the right topic and forum id numbers in the URL address allowed you to post to that forum using another forum's permissions. That means that I could post anything I wanted from here, and that forum could not stop me in any way. The admin himself even said I did not appear on his member list, so he couldn't do anything about me. It also meant I could post anything I wanted here from there...and not even Deezer could have stopped me. I could even edit other people's posts. Quite a power trip, for such insecure software. Just what an idiot 13 year old kid like me needed to feel like somebody :P
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So, I used to be a staffer, and then life slapped me in the face. But now, years later, my son is a huge Mario fan by accident, so I have returned, to try and reignite the fire within.

I am a budding filmmaker, and honestly, my dream movie is a reboot for the Mario movie. So guys, let's hope I stick around, and please forgive me if I seem dumb to the new stuff; I'm trying to catch up to a world where time moves faster than the speed of a spiked blue shell.
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Holy crap dude, welcome back.
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my son is a huge Mario fan by accident

Riiiiiight. ;)

But yes! Welcome back!
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