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What do you think about adding Mario commercials to TMK?
Two of them are at
and I'm sure they are willing to share.

Plus if we send more Mario ads, they will put it up.


Super Smash Bros.

« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2000, 07:36:57 PM » is where i saw the old ladies going WAZZUP!

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My favorite "Mario" commercial was the one for "Doctor Mario," "My friend the witchdoctor."
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Hmm, wish I'd seen the Dr. Mario commercial. :)

Anyone have a copy of the SMB3 commercial?

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I have a "Super Mario Bros. 3" commercial on videotape.  It has a bunch of people in different color clothes yelling "Mario" and the camera pans away until all the colors form Mario's face.  Does anyone remember this commercial?  It never had any shots of the actual game, but it certainly had an impact on me in 1989!  
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Yeah man, the SMB3 commercial rocked!
Any way you can convert your copy to a .mov or .avi or something? :)

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My all time favorite was the commercial for SMW.  I don't remember it too well, but it made the game look awesome.

By the way I found 2 commercial on my computer.  One for Yoshi's Story, the other's a foreign commercial for some type of lego's clone.  Check em out if you want

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Anyone remember the SMW2 commercial?  It was the one with the guy in the restaurant that ate too much food and exploded.  It was funny.
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I saw 2 commercials for "Super Mario World 2," then never heard about it again.  That was weird, considering how much hype there was over "Super Mario World" and "Super Mario Bros. 3."  I remember calling up Blockbuster to see if they had "Super Mario World 2" to rent, and nobody on staff knew it existed.  Why was it advertised so little?  I know it's a pretty lousy game, but did it bomb that bad?  
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Actually, Super Mario World (aka Yoshi's Island) was a fairly decent game that I enjoyed.  And I did rent it from Blockbuster!
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See this is what I'm taking about, Mario fans love Mario commercials. By having a place on TMK for Mario commercials we let people know there is a place ( that will take their video recordings of these Mario commercials and convert it to Quick Time video.

And through this process of informing and sharing, all of us can see these Mario commercials we refer to so fondly.

I my self wouldn't mind dishing up a good 5 bucks to see that super Mario Land 2 and Link's Awakening (Game Boy).


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They'll convert 'em for you? Sweet.

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Yo Crispy!

That reminds me of the scene from 'Monty Python and The Meaning of Life'... where the guy eats alot and explodes. I BARELY remember it tho, since I was a little kid. (13 now, born in 1986.)

The Super Smash bros is the favorite of my family. Need I say more?

EDIT- Anyone know if a Super mario 64 commercial was made?

My favorite Mario commercial besides SSB has to be, the one for Mario Party 2 and the 'Got Milk?' ad. Sure there wasn't a level like that in Super Mario 64... or was there? Mario Party 2 was so awsome.... IMO anyway.
(My fav. Nintendo commercial had to be 'Star Fox'... It creeped me out as a little kid.... but I wanna see it again!)

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