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get your site hosted on  I tried but they turned it down and I wonder if it is really hard to do or if I should try again in a couple of months.  

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Hey on the message I ment to put "Deezer" not "Dezzer"  sorry.  Just a typing error.


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Their standards are pretty high. All the sites they host look good, and are interesting in their own way.

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Well I hope I don't get banned for this and I hope you won't consider this advertising a website but Deezer could you check this site of mine out and like give me some suggestions of improvement that might help me get classicgaming to host it?  Thanks.
And just to make this somewhat Mario related uh did ya know there was gonna be a Donkey Kong 4 for the 8-Bit NES.  It was gonna be like the original but for somereason never came out.

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