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lets just ban him because hes almost as bad as grimsack! all he does is whine and leave and be antimario and try to steal myaccount byhacking into it!

im a wario, ima gonna win!
im a wario, ima gonna win!

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[darnit] I hate these!!your new right?I started an Anti-Someone topic when i was new....thats the only legitimate excuse for this though!

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sternit fortem,
mecum omnes plangite!

I can get you the MARIO AND ZELDA CARTOONS!!!go to my "get the mario and zelda cartoons FREE!!!!" topic and request what episodes you want!!!

you really dont know, do you??

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he's alright
he's really changed since he last left and came back, he's a good guy now

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Y8FooD...well, you did

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oh yeah? he just as bad. look at everything
he posts now.

im a wario, ima gonna win!
im a wario, ima gonna win!

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Bandicoot buddy is evil! Did you see what he posted in storyboards!???? Nobody ho reads, writes, or puts that on our wonderful TMK deserves to live! He must be purged!

Yeah! Us Yoshis are the best! We eat and eat and help Mario and eat and lose our kids...and...other stuff.
Yeah! Us Yoshis are the best! We eat and eat and help Mario and eat and lose our kids...and...other stuff.

Insane Steve

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I really, really swear that I remember reading a post stating that bandicootbuddy and wario junior are the same person...

I do agree though, he has posted some real evil posts recently...

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my last post. ever since i came to tmk ive had nothing  but hell pain and misery.
since its users flamed me for who i am, ( story board.)  i will always be hated. im going away to the final fantasy worlds apart
board. people there greeted me with something
i never got at tmk. respect.even though i will be gone, remember this ominous message:
like a hawk guarding its babys, i will watch over the fungi forums. everyday. bye............................................................................................................................ ........

i am your master. i am fearless and powerful.
i will never leave you.

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this is what users from another place said to me in the im new thing. Welcome to Final Fantasy: Worlds Aparat, Mr. Spyro. Please write often, but please also refrain from spamming; that's a big no-no here.

 Posted 26/04/02 03:05 PM -  IP: Logged


Welcome to FF: WA! Have fun

I hope you enjoy your stay! Good afternoon.

Welcome aboard Mr. Spyro!

Please feel free to make this your home way away from home! Just don't expect me to clean up your messes.

Oh, and by the way...are you related to Spyro the Dragon by any chance?  tmk would never do that for me. p.s. kiss my ass yellow yoshi.

i am your master. i am fearless and powerful.
i will never leave you.

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yeah get out of here, " grimsack junior"!

im a wario, ima gonna win!
im a wario, ima gonna win!

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its.... too late. hes gone. you know why he was evil? because those flame wars came back to haunt him like this.You like that spoiled dimwit?
ahhh.....You are fans....
I am sticking with Super yoshi.
I also say you should go on Crash
Well,at least banjo is better......
"Hi,i'm crash bandicoot.*snort**snort*
I watch barney every day!!!!*snort*
Gah ha ha ha ha ha aha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!
*snort*You guys like the most obvious Mario rip-off on the planet! THAT'S OUTRAGEOUS! Crash is nothing compared to the mustached plumber-men that started it all: the Mario Bros.! The Mario Bros. are the original videogame heroes... They've been through a lot more than Crash ever will! And besides, have you ever seen a Crash game where you get to save a beautiful princess from a diabolical fire-breathing spiked turtle? I think not!

Sonic is way better than Crash. He is fast, cool, and he's blue! Sonic is the original competition with Mario and the originals never die out, no matter how lame you think their games get!

So to all you Crash fans, "Mario and Sonic forever!"

When you say roar you mean squeal! We could not hear your tiny noise you call a roar hahahahaha Mario rules crash can rlle a village of ants hahaha!Would everyone kill me if I said I have a playstation2 2??? True I well......have a well spyro crash game YUCK! You all know how it is when parents get things for Christmas. I have played the Crash Game once. The Spyro game twice. They were a little fun at first...every Mario Characater CAN KILL CRASH! I like Spyro...BUT CRASH!!!EVEN THE JOOPA KIDS!!! BOWSER BURN CRASH BANDI COOTS BUTTE!... Traitors!!!!! you're all traitors!!!!!! Die crash bandi-cootie!!!! Muwahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!...well I do have a playstation1,but I got it for free and all I have/play are megaman games. megaman,sonic,and...MARIO Forever!!!! down w ith the the bandi-cootie!!!!!MuaHahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!! you said Wario was better than Mario and that's reason enough to flame your *ss so bad crash would have to hose you down with a fire Hose!!!!!! But you have to like crash to!???!!!???!!!!! That's it I can't take it anymore I'm Flaming you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! * Takes out a flamethrower and proceeds to flame bandicootBuddyWell your TRUE mario fan you'd hate public enemy #1 it is impossable to be a Mario and Crash:Im dum! fan at the same time! Crash:Im an Idiot!Mario:Thats true your such an Idiot whats 2+2? Crash:17?Yoshi:Dummy Cooit dumb! Mario:i agree yoshi ltes leave. Crash:Was it something I said wat 2+2=100,000,000 right? Ludwig:king dad lets kill the idiot! Bowset:No Ludwig im too busy beside I dont want to tuch his ugly face when I punch him. Ludwig:Let Me!(Ludwig spits fire at him. Cash:I wont feel this for about an hour and five minutes. Bowser:probly becuase info takes that long to go thre his thick skull. Ludwig:Probly need a microscope to actually see his brain.They walk off.(An hour later)Crash:Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Mario:hes an idiot!

then after he left you guys got on your knees
 to bring him back. anyway i started this topic because of him. anyway im going back to  where i came from so you guys can read the things that killed him.

im a wario, ima gonna win!
im a wario, ima gonna win!

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 Ahem. Insane Steve, you are correct. There was a topic a while back, indicating that Bandicootbuddy was Warioi Jr. Then, Wario Jr. claimed the bandicootbuddy had hacked his account and was not the same person. However, you'd have had to never read a post from either of them to believe that.
 It is quite obvious that bandicootbuddy and wario Jr. are still the same person. They post in a similar manner and style and oddly enough their posts are timed quite close together. Only two minutes apart to be exact. Another being I don't believe bandicootbuddy to be able to hack in the slightest. Even if he could, why would he hack a random forum goer instead of someone he dislikes. It makes little no sense.
 In regard to FF:WA's message to you, that is common at UBBs and organized forums. Hell, at the FF forum I go to, when I actually reply to newbie posts, I say something along these lines: "Hello (name), welcome to EoFF, and enjoy the site. Post as much as you like but keep spamming to a minimum. Have fun." It doesn't mean anything. If your point was they respect you, we respected you as well when you first came. I assume I play a great role in your desicion to leave, and although I have shown I don't care for you, I have rarely shown you no respect. Even when I have sent insults in your direction, they were tactful to say the least. I can not say I have recieved the same from you, but then again, I'm not the one leaving.
 And Wario Jr., I don't want to hear that your aren't bandicootbuddy, I'm sure people are plenty sick of this charade.

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