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Not to be harsh, insulting, or rude, but I've been noticing, especially with this recent "post boom" as I like to call it, that many posts have useless subjects(subject being the thing you see in the main area that sums up the message). Topics like "Hey", "Hmmm", and "??" are examples. Also, I'm concerned that many posts recently are non-legitamite. And with the recent jump in posts from like 3-6 a day to 55-78 a day(no kidding), it's a little hard to navigate through all of them with their confusing subjects and half of them being useless posts anyway. Could something please be done? I really wish this hadn't happened.

P.S. - I don't want to insult anyone, this is aimed at no post in preticular. No hard feelings.


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Yes, I've noticed several instances of this popping up lately.  Not to say that I haven't contributed to the nonsense, with my numerous  references to Spam and a chat room style conversation I held with some other members on the message board. : )

However, the useless Subject headings (??, for example) and the posts that neglect to use punctuation are just annoying, and this problem can get out of hand really fast.
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Since forum posts are just a quick means of communicating, a lot of people (including me) neglect to correct spelling and punctuation errors that they would correct in a more premanent or important document.  There are, however, some posts so messy that there is simply no excuse, not to name any names (*COUGHBLACKYOSHICOUGH*).
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Again, not to name names, but the posts in question seem to have been written by either
a) someone whose primary language is not English, or
b) a newbie.
Remember, we were all newbies at some time or another. : )

(We all know that coughcoughBlack_Yoshicough is also coughBowserTheGreatcoughcough, right?)

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Well I sourta agree with Mega 2 about how when your writing quick there are some errors and such.  But I also think that there can be some of that but not tons of mistakes.  As for Black_Yoshi and BowserTheGreat if he wanted people not to know he was the same guy he should have atleast used 2 different e-mail addresses.  And as long as we try to stay on topic if we sway off a little it doesn't bother me as long as it is not about pokemon.  I hate reading a post that suddenly turns into a pokemon post.

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You misunderstud... 1/4 of my message, that is. There are very many perfectly literate people on this board. I see no problem with rushed typing, even if it means a mistake here or there, or a wrong word a few times. Hinopio, TRM, Mega 2, and many others make a mistake sometimes but at least their messages have a visible point. Not to mention they are suprisingly readable. However, certain people with the typing and grammatical skills of a two-year-old(not to mention any names, you guys alreay have named them, or should I say, him...)could shape it up a bit. I mean, what's the point of a post if you can't read it? You leave feeling confused. Almost the total of all board members have enough skills to get a message through, who cares if you post a stupid topic here or there or make some mistakes? It's when all someone does is post non-legit topics that are absolutely 101% non-readable that gets on my nerves. You guys don't do any of that, so I'm not talking to you, just agreeing with you.. Of course, this message does seem to point to a few people... Cough! Blackcoughyoshicough! Bowsercoughthegreat! Cough! Get my drift?


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Hmmm... I have seen stuff like this happen before... perhaps Deez could add a New General Chat for Off Topic stuff. It works at 3 MBs I go to, so It might work here and remedy your complaint Yoshi.

Of course... I could be wrong.

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Yoshi2- Well said.  We all mayk mistakes ;)

VelvetDark007- That is a good idea to remedy this small problem!  You should drop Deezer a line about that one...
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