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Hey Deez, I think it's time to add a 'Normal' General Chat... y'know, where people can talk about things other than Mario... It's kinda hard when you've got a General Chat, where you have to talk about Mario and only Mario and Co... cause most of us are used to Gener Chat meaning 'Talk About Naything except porn'.... errrm... right.

Could you when you have the time? And maybe some moderators.... hint hint... =P

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Well this is a Mario forum.  Maybe he could just ease up on the rules a little.  Like I know it is hard to stay on topic 100% of the time but we are like forced to here since if we don't we have the risk of getting banned.

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I think that all three of the forums (fora?) should be condensed into one.  The bottom two aren't posted on that much, and the topics sort of overlap.
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We should get rid of the game help one, hardly anyone uses it and it just takes up space and there are once in a while good posts there so I check it out sometimes but not as good as the other 2

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I think we should keep all three current boards separate, because by combining them into one, it would:

a) Generate confusion
b) Increase load times (for those of us without cable modems :)
c) Encourage the attention-starved people with multiple aliases (alii?) to post more pointless crap

I also don't think we need a 'general general message board' to cover all topics.  This is a Mario site, not an 'everything else besides Mario' site.  If people want to discuss things completely unrelated to Mario, they can go somewhere else!
On the other hand, a true General message board could act as a trash can where people who would normally take up space on the Mario-related boards could wreak their havoc...

I'm not getting at anyone in particular, and I don't like to be so blunt.  I just don't personally enjoy trying to wade through the several useless, pointless and stupid posts that have been popping up as of late...
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How did so many people post so much in so little time on the "General Mario Chat?"  I was just there and it took me almost an hour to read all the posts since I went there last night, and I didn't even read them all!
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I know! Lots of times, I have an impulse that I must check what's new on the General and Site Discussion boards. Sometimes the Game Help one too. But it takes me forever to read all of the messages on the General Board, 3/4 of which are useless and waste my time. Plus it's hard to get through all of the junk and get to the good stuff. I can personally think of only two people who are causing trouble, mostly one in preticular(I hate to mention names). They should both be banned, or at least the really bad one.(We all know who THAT is...hint hint...)


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I think banishment may be a step too far.  Besides, I don't know much about message board moderation, but couldn't a banned individual just come back on with a new name and password and email account?  I think the moderator would do all of us faithful, well-behaved posters a favor and send the nogoodniks a polite letter explaining etiquette.  Is this doable?
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