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In The Legend Of Zelda: A Link to the Past, is there any way to get into the Chris Houlihan Room?
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1. What are you talking about?
2. Why did you put this on site discussion?
3. Are you just trying to act insane?

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That was a joke.

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Houlihan? Isn't that that restaurant with Houli hound, the mascot dog?

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 =>Houlihan Room: The Chris Houlihan room is a top secret, money-filled room
   which is nearly impossible to find accidentally, and difficult to enter
   even if you know that it exists. You must have the Pegasus Boots and either
   Boomerang to enter. First of all, begin your game at the Sanctuary. Switch
   your item to the Boomerang, then dash out of the Sanctuary and down to the
   road. Dash left, then down, then right. You will now be at the left of the
   castle. Dash to the secret passage you used to enter the castle at the
   beginning of the game. Dash down the path leading to it, dashing through
   the plant at the end of the path, then dash right into the plant over the
   passage and you will drop into the Houlihan Room. However, during all your
   dashing to get there, only stop to stun enemies with your Boomerang (I'd
   only stun those which would be directly in my way), don't bounce off of any
   objects, and try not to hit or run into any enemies or to let them hit you.
   If you did all of this correctly, you will arrive in the Chris Houlihan
   room, containing a congratulatory message from Chris and about $225 (in
   case you're wondering, Chris won an old Nintendo Power contest for
   appearing in a game). Rumor has it that this trick can also be done if you
   run from Link's House, but it is still unclear. I have only been able to
   get it to work from the Sanctuary as mentioned above.
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He won a contest for appearing in a game?
That's confusing. What is that supposed to mean? They put a bunch of people in games and he was the best, thus winning the contest? Or do you mean he won a contest and then they put him in a game?
This is a joke, right?
Am I being too skeptical?

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That was a joke.