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Yeah, I remember back when Sapphira joined.  It was about a week, give or take a couple days, after I had joined.  Now look at her. 
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Wow, you must've been here for a while, Jman. I've just been here since Feb '05. But, it's been fun. *Salutes TMK*
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Wow. In two days I'll have been here for 4 years, and that's not even half of TMK's history. Amazing how far this site's come, eh?


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*high-fives Hyrulian
February 4th, 05. 3 weeks before my 13th birthday. However, I've been looking at TMK since a long time ago. I remember little phrases at the tops of the pages. Stuff like "Better than a warm Cricket Pie," and "Trust the Fungus." I don't know when that was, but I remember it clearly.
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Heh, I remember signatures that once said "I fear the monkey in your soul" and "Inside all of us is a little elf that tells us to burn things". Now the only question is who had them? I can't seem to remember.
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"Inside all of us is a little elf that tells us to burn things" That was Sapphira's

I don't remember the other one.
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One of my favorite sigs is Yo`ster B.'s sig, "*Looks inside of a candy bar wraper. Reads:* You have just won a Sony Plays.... Oh it`s crap!!".
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"I fear the monkey in your soul" was Chup's sig.
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Hehe, it feels like we're all buddies now. ^_^ Almost like we've all known eachother for a long time... I remember how bad I was during my new days to this site. I said so many bad things... I'm embarrased now...

Deezer sure has done a fine job. I wonder how he got started... TMK's FFs started... when again? 2000? But I'm actually pretty late to the party, huh?

Sapphira was one of the best and most noticable changes to these forums in my opinion. Without her, these forums would probrobly be dirty and full of flaming. It's kind of hard to explain, though. If you read through all of the history, you'd see what I mean.

This reminds me-- My friend's birthday is tomorrow! I wonder if he'll like my gift. =P Oh, and he also gets his driver's license. Sweet 16 is so sweet!

My favorite signature was Watoad's "[/hogwash]". I smiled every time I looked at that. Watoad always gave me a fuzzy feeling inside whenever he posted. He's probrobly the funniest member(mod/admin) on the FFs besides Lizard Dude. Lizard Dude and Watoad brought most of the laughs.
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Even if this is a little late, I just wanted to wish TMK and its wonderful staff a happy 9th birthday. May many of your wishes come ture for the future.
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Happy Birthday TKM.
Thanks for giving us the scoop on Mario when we needed it. Here's to more Mario Madness!

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I'm embarassed of my behavior when I first came here, too. I'm sorry the mods had to waste time to tell me about my so not grammerrific posts and my little spamming. XD *blush*
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Man, if Khold and pt_peach are embarrased of their behavior when they first arrived, I'm absolutely ashamed of mine's back in 2003 and early 2004. Bypassing the censors, encouraging flame wars... no matter how fun it was.
As a game that requires six friends, an HDTV, and skill, I can see why the majority of TMK is going to hate on it hard.

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Hey, there is some bad things with the new TMK...
The mailbag.
I tried sending something in, and it was refused, telling me:
There is no mailbag of that name"
or something. Or was it mailbox?
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