Author Topic: Let's vote on Voting!  (Read 3195 times)

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"revive it in another six months where there'll be a whole new match of crazy newbies to vote on ridiculous ideas."

Ooh, don't remind me. They do come in batches, don't they. It's weird.

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And it usually always happens by one newbie each "batch." Gah!, that's annoying... >_<

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What am I a crazy newbie????????  Ive been here for a while!  I was just stating my opinion!  How rude!

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Not necessarily.

Anyway, as Black Mage pointed out, this is not a democracy. It's more like... a monarchy. The citizens of monarchies don't get to say "Hey, I want a new prince," or "I wanna be the queen... vote for me," or something like that.

Thanks to Black Mage and Lizard Dude for handling this so well. I don't think anything else needs to be said here.

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