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Deezer- In case you haven't been following the SMW Arcade string on the Game Help MB, I have been searching for information on an old Nintendo arcade machine, the Nintendo Super System.  One Mario game was designed for it that I am aware of.  I only have bits and pieces of info at the moment, but I am finding out more all the time.

Would you be interested in including this information on the Mario game on TMK?

Also, sorry about never sending the animated gifs I promised awhile back... I just turned 16 (legal driving age in my state), and well, you probably understand all about _that_ ; ) My most sincere apologies!
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Sure. If you can give me some info, I'll try to use it.

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To Deezer also: I also remember reading about an arcade game called "Return of the Mario Bros." I don't really have very much info on it other than it was a more complex version of Mario Bros. with more levels and graphics, but list it if you wish.
Notice to the general public: "Return of the Mario Bros." was mentioned earlier by me in the topic "Super Mario World Arcade" of the "Game Help" board. However, I referred to it as Vs. Mario Bros. by accident until I corrected myself on a later reply.

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Deez has had info on "Return of Mario Bros." for ages. I think it's in the Japan-only section...

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Oops... my mistake. I just looked in the arcade section. (Hits head on desk)