Author Topic: This forum has gotten boring!  (Read 10680 times)

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So.....why was this thread brought up again?
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*Points at PaperMario*

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Was that VID!? Making a POST?! And I didn't take advantage of the fact I was posting right next to him, darn...
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I very much like the dark cave look of the Fungi Forums.

Edit:  I still find the New and Exciting Products funny.

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"Dark cave look"

People will be quoting me for that for years!

Geez, I can't believe I have over _300_ posts here! I must have been a nerd.

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These forums are a bit dull!

Hey, this is my first post! Uh.....


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I'm glad someone agrees with me.
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Is this the only thread that has only one color? It's kind of creepy...


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Ok, I have like a billion posts and I haven't been here for long periods of time lately.

Others have like 45 trillion posts, so 300 ain't nothin'.

And no, I shall not click your Mario head. Oh, and putting underscores won't highlight your number any better. We know how to read, bro.

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