Author Topic: Found an inconsistancy!  (Read 1685 times)


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« on: October 21, 2000, 12:06:47 AM »
A small inconsitancy in Mario Kart 64 that's not listed on the site.  I'm not sure where I'd report this sort of thing, so I'll post it here.

On Yoshi Valley of the Special Cup, the two mountains in the course are shown in the instruction book map with the same texture as that on the bottom of the canyon.  During the ending, however, the peaks are completely black, without any texture at all.

Further still, if one actually drives up to the top of the mountains during a race, there will be no top at all; one can see right through to the track below.

Just thought I'd mention it.  It is interesting that they have two defferent versions, but that neither of them are right.
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