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We don't have the Java thing for the chatroom. Why are you so interested in seeing us chat? Besides, I'm using the same computer she's using. So it won't realy work. When I get my own computer I'll try to see if I can get Java to work on the TMK chatroom.

Oh, I get it. Luigison thinks I'm Kold.
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Hey im Bird Person's friend, i havn't been on in like...well pretty much ever. I'll try and post as many times as possible and SPAM SPAM SPAM!!!! (Joking ha... ha.... ha)
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Howdy. I was loosing faith in the Mario franchise after games like Mario Party 11 and Super Mario Bowels but thanks to upcoming games like Mario Galaxy, Yoshi's Island 2 and the fantastic game that is New Super Mario Bros, I have returned to the rank of Mario fanatic.

Hi, I'm Spüne Gooman @ Moon Town. I'm new to this forum, but not a new fan or ... forum ...goer. I have my own site for flash movies and that junk and am making a Mario fan site which is "very different to your average fan site." It's more about fun then information of reviews. Not that info and reviews aren't fun. Been coming to this site for years and fealt like joining (I prefer the term "JACKING IN!")

So, see 'yall around. And hello to all the people in this topic.

Coool coool.
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Hey, I'd just like to say that I have returned, but I'm going to be gone again this weekend.  And next week, I'm going to be gone for the better half of the week.  So, get your glimpses at me now. 
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Well, hey Jman! *weekend shows up* Bye, Jman.
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Hooray, I'm back from San Diego!  And I'm pleased to announce that not only did my brother graduated from Marine Corps Boot Camp and get promoted meritiously to Private First Class, but the whole trip was never ruined by anything stupid!  That is a very lucky thing in my family!  I'm so proud of my family now...

And I missed you guys too. ;P

Oh, and my brother was playing a game on his computer that I remember playing at a pizza place when we were younger: Bust-a-Move!  That game and the theme song are awesome.
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Hey! Markio posted that 800th post!!
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No, that was the 800th reply.
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Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

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I'm back.....

*waits for the imminent boos and rotten fruit*
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* CashCrazed is chased by King Boo and many other boos, that are throwing fruit

Welcome back, CashCrazed.
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I'm back from my one-week disappearance.

This is probably a waste of a post, but I'll post it anyways.


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<TEM> CashCrazed is back
<TEM> yeeeeeeesss

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Hey guys, I'm back! Had a little 5 day break, but I'm happy to be here again.
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Yeah, I'm a new guy :P