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No way! No fair! :O You guys get to meet up with eachother without me. I hope that someday, I'll be able to meet you guys. That would be an awsome experience that I would never forget. *sigh* Mabey someday...:)

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I don't own a phone. But I would use a phone card.

You all have remound me of a legendary story of my life, involving a hotel TV, a tube of toothpaste, a fingernail clipper, a lighter, blood, a teacher, intrigue, suspense, horror, and treachery.

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Does this legendary story invoke these images?

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That's hot.

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Heh, those are great pictures.
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-That crunching noise when you bite the inside of your mouth
-when people dpn't feel bad about mean things they do

Whoops, wrong thread.

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M/hotel delegations are occurring at this moment.

Any chance of sharing the story? I didn't mean to scare you away with those pictures . . . ;P

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Delegations complete. Actually, they ended awhile ago, but I went to dinner with my family and stuff.

We checked a bunch of different Marriott m/hotels, and none of the ones anywhere close to the convention center would accept our points (meaning that they are either booked for that time in May or expect to be). But we found one right next to the Burbank Airport—one of L.A.'s I think five airports—that should suit us nicely. It is this Courtyard Marriott:

Courtyard Los Angeles Burbank Airport

2100 Empire Ave.

Burbank, CA91504

(14.32 miles from convention center)

The points we have would allow us to get a room with two queen beds for May 17–May 20 (a total of three nights). The maximum occupancy of the room is listed as being five people, which would allow MEGAߥTE, Deezer, Lizard Dude, me, and Chupperson if he ends up coming out by himself. If it's a sure thing that he won't, then I guess we'd either leave the number at four or . . . invite in someone else like Luigison or Fifth? I'll let you guys talk about that as Chup figures out what he's doing.

There may have been other places available, but as far as we could tell, they would all have been farther from the convention center. This one is actually quite convenient if you happen to fly into Burbank Airport, and it has both bus and light rail service to E3's location. The light rail would involve transferring to some kind of subway, I think, whereas the bus would be a straight shot. The bus is also a lot cheaper, but it may take twice as long. Here are some maps that I zoomed and cropped to be specific to this situation:

How does all of this sound, then? My dad has not made the reservations yet because I want to hear from at least MEGAߥTE and Deezer first. If you two grant your approval, then we'll set the reservation in stone. And the sooner we do that, probably the better, don't you think?

(Note: When information becomes any more specific than this, such as possibly flight times or room numbers, I will move to posting it in e-mails and/or chats.)

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In the chat last night a couple of lines slipped into my chat window but past my eyes right before I left:

<Watoad> So . . . *flash*
* Watoad flashes
<MegaByte> if we have more people, they can just sleep on the floor
<Chupperson> o_O

I don't have much to say to o_O, but I'll reply to MEGAߥTE's comment. If you're sure that we can get more people in the room without employees of the motel (or is a Courtyard a hotel?) getting after us for having too many, then I don't have a problem with it. That is, so long as we don't have so many people that we have to wait for five hours to use the bathroom or something. :P

As for myself, I was planning to bring my sleeping bag and sleep on the floor, anyway. That's usually what I do when staying in m/hotels with my family. (Also, there was a three-year period of my life in which a sleeping bag on the floor was my bed, so I'm more or less used to it.)

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Well, if it ends up that one room is the only way to go, I can deal with sharing a room with you guys, even though I prefer not. Something we always do when my family stays in a m/hotel is ask for a foldable bed/cot thing, which is what I usually sleep on. (I HATE sleeping on the floor, and since I'm the smallest person, I get the smallest sleeping space.)

Assuming CW's family's coming and he's sharing a room with them, that's one less person to the occupancy.

But, again, we need to find out for sure how many tickets we can get before anything else. I suppose the number of rooms we need is also dependant on that. If 6 people or less are going, CW being one of them and assuming he'll stay with his family, we're good. But if there's more than that....We have a problem.

Another possible idea is getting a room with 3 queen-sized beds (of course, also a cot/foldout for me :P ), if more people can come. If you can't do that with your points, Watoad, we'll have to chip in for a second room. If the points don't cover it, would they cover most of the cost of the 3-bed room, so that we only have to chip in the rest of the cost for the same room, rather than paying for a completely different room?

As I said, I can deal having to share a room with you guys. Whatever makes things easier and cheaper. I'm used to it with my brother and dad, and I'm sure my bro is at least 10 times worse than all of you put together. :P

And yes, I'm definitely planning on going now. The only thing is the ticket. ^_^  (Although I'm pulling money out of my savings to do this....but it's worth it. Definitely.)

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Just a quick note:  We might also want to buy an extra day on the room.  Otherwise, we'll miss the last day of E3 since we'll have to vacate the room and the convention center won't let us bring in all of our luggage.


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I just typed a long post, but lost it due to an incorrect password.  Here's the short of it:

I know I am not a member of TMK, but I would love to go to E3 if classicgaming gave enough tickets and TMK staffers were willing to let me have one.

Since I live close by, I could drive and easily bring my Nintendo systems, games and an extra TV or two.  I could also reserve and pay for another room that we could share.

BTW, Burbank is a great airport.  We use it several times a year.  I could pick people up there if need be.

Also, I don't think I can get a ticket on my own since all I have is game development magazines and a little GBA programming experience.  Maybe I could count my schools paper, but doubt it.

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Usually I am not one to rescind something I've said, I think, but this time must be an exception. I mentioned the possibility of fitting more than five people into a five-person room to my dad, and he strongly warned me against doing that. He said that we could be kicked out for doing that since it's against the fire code and against the law. Whether he's speaking from experience—either his own or someone else's—I don't know, but I feel that we should follow his advice.

If more than five people need to fit into one room, then we will have to put some actual money into the lodging. A three-night stay in a room of that size would all but use up every point we have. My dad is actually going to Southern California tonight and will amass some more points, but they'll still be insufficient to completely cover the cost of a larger room, not to mention an extra one.

Certainly Luigison's generous offer of paying for an extra room sounds like the best option to me, but the late date at which we will find how many E3 passes we'll get makes this uncertain. Otherwise the best plan for more space would be a larger room if one is available. I don't know how far the points would get us with that, so I'll have to ask my dad to check that out for me when he gets back from his trip.

MEGAߥTE's concern is one that I wondered about also, but my dad assured me that it wouldn't be a problem. Supposedly m/hotels are prepared for situations like this and allow guests to store their luggage after checking out of their rooms to be picked up later. I could call the Courtyard and ask them directly if they offer this service. If they don't, or if we just decide to add another night, anyway, then we'll have to pay for it, I'm afraid.

What I see as the biggest obstacle in all of this is how incredibly late we'll find out exactly how many passes are available. Making plane reservations to and m/hotel reservations in a busy city merely a month before you're planning to be there is not the best idea. As such, my dad (and I, but he's the one who knows what he's talking about) thinks that he should make the room reservation as soon as possible, especially since we'll be getting it (mostly) for free. So it would be really good if we could come to a consensus now on what to use the points for, and then add a room later or whatever if we have to.

Keep in mind that the points will go only so far regardless of how or when we use them, so we may as well use them now while we can. Also, if we'd end up needing another room, we could get it at some other nearby, non-Marriott m/hotel.

Thank you very much, Luigison, for kindly offering to help us out so much! :) I would love it if you could go.

Sapphira, thank you also for being willing to stay with a bunch of strange males you've never met before. However, I want to be sure you understand that the reasons guys and girls generally stay in different rooms extend beyond their annoying each other with snoring or the use of the TV. Everyone planning on going seems to be okay and respectable, and I doubt that there'd be a problem, but I just want you to be aware. In a way I feel silly saying this because I personally trust all of these guys. Just trying to be safer than sorry, I guess. ;)

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Watoad, I question your use of "met".

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At e3, how do we refer to each other?

“I’m a stupid fatty and I love to play with my Easy Bake oven.”