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Who are the top posters here?
I'd like to see someone who can challenge my 8,220 some posts(compare my posts at VGF and their posts here).


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This board has only been open since about July of this year.  You'd have to post nonstop from then 'til now to have that many posts!  Then again, why do posts matter that much anyway?
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It's all tallied down under "This is my 100th post" in "General Mario Chat."  That's a couple weeks outdated, though.  This is my 416th.

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At VGF, some o' us compete to see who can get the most posts without postin' crap.


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What I think is, that the more posts you have, the better you feel. Meaning, if you have more you might think that the other users are less/below you. Therefore, you feel at a higher rank then others, or you feel more special. I don't have that many posts. But that doesn't mean I can't stop trying.

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