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Okay, the last one, I had meant to post more information, but nobody posted their pictures up or PMed them to me. SO, I havew started a kind of new concept.

A bunch of forum members move into a new neighborhood. They don't know who each other is, they just know their name.

There will be as much houses for each three members. So, that means that there will be three-man or woman teams. They will all interact with each other. Because of the new Want & Fear mechanics, you should also post me your aspiration, Fortune, Knowlegde, Family, Romance, Popularity, and your astrological sign.

Once all willing members have entered, I create the sims, take photos, and see if they are satisifed with their simself. If not, than I will do it again.

The following houses are in for building.

Freeman Villa-Modern Avant-Garde Household
Twisted Acres-Nature takes its toll on a wonderful house
Nottle Hill-Normal house with a twist. ;-)
European Townhouse-Small and cosy townhouse.
Geek Dome-Houze With fulla stuff. Kewl stuffz.
LAN Kingdom-House with many Video game consoles.
Creepy Cabin-Cabin surronded by scary trees.
Underground House-Duh.

So, if you want to join, than post up your pix. For sure, I will do it.
I promise.
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My pictures are abundant on the " I think it's about time...." thread.

I'm in if you need me, I really don't care either way though.
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I've planned on doing something similar for quite a while, but haven't gotten around to actually doing it yet.

However... If you want my "stats"...
Gender: female; hair: blonde; eyes: dark blue; skin: lightest;
Knowledge aspiration, Virgo;
Personality points (you can "boolprop" them later to alter them, if it matters to you): 5 sloppy/neat, 4 shy/outgoing, 1 lazy/active, 5 serious/playful, 7 grouchy/nice.

Pictures are abundant of me, as well, in the same thread.

Out of curiousity, do you just have Sims 2, or do you have any of the expansion packs, as well? (I have University installed and Nightlife (which isn't installed yet)).
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Like Koop and Sapph, I have quite a few pics of myself over at the "I think it's about time..." thread.

Gender: male; Hair: black, long; Eyes: brown; Skin: lightest; Body type: fattest
Fortune Aspiration
6 Sloppy/neat, 4 shy/outgoing, 1 lazy/active, 5 serious/playful, 6 grouchy/nice.
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I have "The Sims" on the Mac, but it's the original version (I got it in 2000 when I got my computer). I want to get the new one but my computer won't run it. Being that it's one of about four games I have installed on the computer, I spend some down time on it and I think it's really entertaining, especially when you use people you know (it's especially fun when two of your friends start randomly dating each other).

Here are my vitals:

Aspiration: This must be new to the new version. Of the ones you've listed, I've got to go with romance.

Astrological Sign: I'm not real sure how to determine this--every person I make comes up with a sign on the game. I just asked a friend and he said I'm a Virgo based on birthdate, but if it's based on personality like "The Sims" says it is, I think I'm a Pisces.

Points: I don't recall the exact breakdown, but it should be (give or take some)
4 neat, 7 outgoing, 6 active, 2 playful, 8 nice

You can tinker with those if you want.

If you want a description of me: I'm 5'9", blonde hair, blue eyes, not real big but defined (compact muscles), usually wear an Abercrombie & Fitch polo shirt. There should be a picture of me in the thread people have mentioned.

If it wouldn't be a problem, I'd like the "Pro Athlete" career track.

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I can't post my picture, but can I still participate? I don't have the sims 2, but I have the first 1

Gender: Female
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Medium
Body Type: Normal
Astrological Sign: Cancer
Personality Points: 5 sloppy/neat 5 grouchy/nice 5 lazy/active 6 shy/outgoing
5 serious/playful
Knowledge Aspiration
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AB, I should warn you that Romance Sims are basically "Lust" Sims; they want as many different loves as possible, to make out with as many different Sims possible, and hate any sort of committed relationship. (Lolol, if they get engaged or married, it shows up as a bad memory. XD) Many people have the wrong impression of what the Romance aspiration actually is, so I thought I'd clear it up for you, just in case.

If that's not you, you might want to go with Family or Popularity--or if dude677 has Nightlife, Pleasure Seeker aspiration. Pleasure Seekers like going on tons of dates--with either lots of different people or the same person (doesn't make a difference to them) and they have no problems with commitment.
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Hair: blonde; eyes: brown; skin: lightest;
Knowledge Aspiration;
Personality : 5 Neat, 2 Outgoing, 2 Active, 5 Serious, 8 Nice. I can't remember the exact total of points, so if it's more or less, change it proportionally.

From the I Think It's Time Thread.

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This should be fun.

ALso, there is a new house I have found on my disc. European Townhouse.
If you would like a preferability with your house, just ask.
Just some things, though.
I don't do mansions. My computer can't run it well.
Trailers are all great by me.
If you have a great house, post it up.

Do not participate if you are avoiding/have these following things:
Odd situations with fellow members.
Complete lack of humor.

There is a bunch of stuff in the sims 2 that will make you look like a fool.

Oh, and Saph, I just have the orignal. I need to up my computer before running any more sims in a household. Five is the maximum on my game.

Anyway, Spah, if you would like to help, go ahead.

Also, everybody, would you like movies, (Which take a long time to load, play, and is really hard on my system), or pixtures with words? I really don't care. I could do both.

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Here is my sims house: Does it qualify for a great house? I've got some downloaded items.
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Well, architecture being a hobby of mine, I can't say it's excellent in every aspect. While it is of good size, it forces people to walk through the master bathroom to get to the master bedroom... and both of those to get to the secondary bedroom.  It looks like a house built for two, and always two.


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Actually, it looks like a house built for four.

Okay, I did some creating and experimenting, so you guys can see what it's like...

Me as a Sim
Semi-profile shot, Wants and Fears, etc. (I wish my figure was that nice...)

In the second pic, I "boolprop'd" my prsonality; it turns out, if you alter it, it might alter your astrological sign. You'll notice white lines under each personality spectrum aspect; that's what I originally set mine as (Virgo, altered to be as accurate to my personality as possible with the original 25 required points and still remain within that sign). Boolpropping it allowed me to have 22 points issued to where I wanted them, but it changed my sign to Aquarius.

So, dude677, if you want to make a Sim of me, it's up to you whether you want me a Virgo (my actual sign) or an Aquarius (most accurate personality), and if you want to boolprop it or not.  If you make me a Virgo, please set my traits to 9, 4, 2, 4, 6; if you make me an Aquarius (and not worrying about boolprop), please set them to as close as possible to what I requested in my previous post (and go ahead and add the 3 leftover points to where you see best fit). It doesn't matter if that changes my sign or not.

I've never really noticed a Sim's sign make a difference in the gameplay, but I heard it has a larger significance in the Nightlife expansion.
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Sapphira, I read everything you wrote. I'm more for committed relationships but I love dating and whatnot, so I guess if they have the pleasure seeker option that would be good--just as long as it doesn't involve premarital sex or drinking (but if you want to have fun and make me down champagne I'd probably find it quite amusing).

Either family or popularity would work for me I guess if the pleasure seeker isn't an option on your game (my old Sims game seems so basic in comparison). Of the two, maybe popularity since I seem to go out of my way to talk to everyone even if I don't have to--my problem is I love conversation too much!


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Well, I own Nightlife, but it's not installed yet. Dude677 is the one doing all this, though, not me, and he doesn't have Nightlife. So yeah, Popularity sounds right for you. Popularity Sims basically like interacting with people (especially friends) as much as possible, like to make new friends, and throw parties.

All Sims can have the want for premarital... well, it's called "Woohoo" in the game, but the Romance Sim is the only one that the want randomly spins up for--and they usually don't care who with. The only times I've seen non-Romance Sims have the want for Woohoo (whether married or not) is during more of an up-the-ante process. It starts when they have the want to flirt, and they're in love with the person they flirt with or fall in love right then. Then the want to Kiss and then Make out with that person spins up; usually after the Make out, the want for Woohoo (specifically with that person) will spin up. With adult Family Sims, after a Make out, they usually want Engagement with that person, as well (if they're not already engaged/married). Of course, what happens is all up to the person playing the game. ;)

Long story short, Sims can have "premarital Woohoo," or you can make them wait. It's easier to make non-Romance Sims wait, since the want only spins up under specific, controllable cirumstances, and not constantly like Romance Sims' do.

As for alcohol, the only wants I've seen related to it are "Buy a bar," "Serve drinks," and "Hire a bartender," and you can buy champagne (usually done for parties and weddings), but again, it's totally controllable as to whether they actually drink or not. I rarely EVER even see those wants at all, anyway. Also, I don't even think Sims can get drunk, although that would be funny. (Of course, with Nightlife, I have no idea if any of this changes or not.)
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Saph, sims can get drunk, but the drinks are, quote The Sims,
"non-alcoholic alcohol".


Also, the wine is actually white grape juice, aged from 1918.

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