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I think you should be able to set font size from your Look and Layout settings on your profile. For example, I have my default font size in Firefox set to 11pt. But I have to zoom out in order for images on the Fungi Forums to display as intended. Otherwise, they'll be all blurry and stuff.

For example, check the attached files. Cap1.png shows the Fungi Forums as it displays after you zoom out. Images and such display perfectly, but look at that tiny text! "Normal" text isn't hard to read, but smaller text requires a bit of strain.

Now check Cap2.png and observe. Hell yeah, the text looks way more readable! But yeesh, those images! Blegh!

There really should be an option to set font size from your profile.
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Sorry to double post, but I'd like to point out that this topic is pretty much useless now that I have NoSquint.

Everyone on FF...please get NoSquint, it's awesome.