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After game cube, What system will there be?

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and I thought I was the dumb one...

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I think Mario333 a.k.a. BooBuddy
may be right.

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Sorry I misspelleed your name.

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Game Sphere

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Nintendo 2 maybe???

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  Who knows what it's going to be called!  All that matters is that it's most likely going to have amazing games and it's going to become the best system around.  I wouldn't expect it to be out for a long time, because Gamecube hasn't been out that long and they usually keep their systems out for 3 or 4 years before making a new system, even if they have the ability to before then.
I can just amagine how great it will be though............


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thats okay you spelled my name wrong.lets see nintendo 2004(the year it would be realeased)

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mabye super gamecube

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Nintendo 360(bit)

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Super GAMECUBE is a good bet for the next Nintendo system. But I read at a Nintendo fan-site that Shigeru Miyamoto has predicted the GAMECUBE will be around for at least 7 to 8 years! PS2 won't even last that long!

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it should be super gamecube
<not to state the obvious,but>it would be like nintendo going to super nintendo

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    nintendo has said Gamecube will be around seven or eight years. so they will probably begin the next Nintendo about the sixth year of GCN.

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how about GamePak Extreme
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how about GamePak Extreme

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