Author Topic: SOMEONE,TRADE A GAMECUBE CD WITH MEEEEE!!  (Read 3322 times)

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X-Men legends by Super Smash Bros MELEE
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Did you know that gcn disks are not CDs or CD based media?
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giving x-men for smash is a rubish deal.
Or are you saying that you'll give someone smash if they give you x-men?

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i do have ssbm and i have tales of symphonia but......i love all my games and im not lettin some scammer scam em!!! >=(
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I doubt cam64 is even around anymore.
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will trade action replay disc and memory card

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It's pointless to make buisness with Cam64 since he isn't even here anymore.
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The title reminds me of the song "Lovely Rita" by The Beatles.
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Shyguy92's post: The Bump that Doesn't Feel like a Bump™
That was a joke.