Author Topic: Help with button mashing  (Read 7533 times)

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A good tip I learned by myself is not to have your finger leave the button. Kind of shake your hand with the finger on the button. I was getting 18in. in Get The Lead Out in Mario Party DS, but now I'm getting as high as 27in.
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Well, I ran into another problem, Slot Car Derby.  I found I haven't beaten Toad in mini-game island.  Does anybody have any advice on how I can beat Toad on this horrible mini-game?

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You don't have to tilt the control stick in the same direction your character is facing. That was a problem I had way back when. Also, ease up during turns and go full tilt on the straight-a-ways. If you see your character's car is smoking, let up. Beating Toad is a challenge, but it's still a lot fun! (I thought it was, anyway)

*sidenote: why wasn't Toad playable until MP4/5? WHY?!
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Never mind, I finally beat Toad.  All you have to do is move at max speed except when you are in the inner middle part.  When the white smoke comes out, then quickly move the control stick back and forth.

Anyways,  After trying out some techniques, I've became a decent button masher, but I'll not beating mecha marathon from the mini-game coaster anytime soon.  I really hate button mashers, they are lazy coding, bad for the controller, and straining on the hand.