Author Topic: how many Super Mario games are there?  (Read 22927 times)

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Interesting video I found about what games people see as being in the "Super Mario" series, what games are seen as edge cases, and what games decidedly aren't:

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Thoughts on this? What games would you consider part of the series?

Personally, I think I agree with the 18 game list for the most part, but I think I would rather the most definitive version of each game be considered as the game rather than the original release. This only really matters for NSMBU, 3D World, and 64 at the moment, and the "definitive version" is more debatable in the case of 64 DS. And I guess in that case, I'd consider 64 DS as its own entry since it has a significant amount of new content and there's things holding it back (namely, the graphics and controls) from being the definitive version of Super Mario 64.

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As long as Nintendo keeps making games and consoles, Mario games will never end!

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Super Mario brothers games are separate from Super Mario games imo.

Mario games include these series:
Super Mario brothers
Super Mario (the non side-scrolling games that don't include Mario 3d land)
Super Mario land
The Paper Mario games
The Mario and Luigi RPGs
Mario Party
The various Mario sports games
Mario Kart

Probably others I'm not remembering right now. I guess like educational games.. There's the original Mario Brothers games but I think that only includes two games.. I can only think of the arcade one and the one for the virtual boy anyways.