Author Topic: Mario Party 7 released in USA  (Read 4640 times)

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What do you rate MP7? I need to know if I should buy that or continue to save up for the Revolution.
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<a href="../mparty7.shtml">Mario Party 7[/url] rolls onto store shelves across North America today. The GameCube Microphone, first bundled with <a href="../mparty6.shtml">Mario Party 6[/url], is back like a bad headache, appearing free inside every copy for the ten or so minigames that use it. Mario Party 7, the ninth Mario Party game and fourth for the GameCube, boasts 86 new minigames and supports up to eight players.

9th? There have been 3 MP's for the N64, 3 for the GC and 1 for the GBA before this one, making MP7 the 8th one of the series.
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Don't forget Mario Party-e, which came out between 4 and 5.