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Mario Chat / MKDS Wi-Fi: Glicthy cheating
« on: December 30, 2005, 02:40:25 PM »
For Those who play MKDS Wi-Fi...

     When playing againist other ppl acrossed the internet I noticed some weird things (these ACCUTALLY happened)

as your driving along and you see another player, they are usssaully drifting, which is what the pros are doing all the time. BUT on your screen
they are flinging aroung to the left and right all around the course, making it impossible to conclude where they really are, making it almost
impossible to hit with items, even the red shell. (?!?!?!) sometimes your oppennent will fall the course, (this happened a lot because I play
RAINBOW ROAD a lot) but as soon as you see them skid right off, BOOM!!! they are driving right on the road, as if they never fell off!!!

can this be explained??? (I have DSL and know what lag is and exprienced it a lot)

Mario Chat / Super Mario 64 visions
« on: December 23, 2005, 01:48:50 PM »
This really has nothing to do with the actual game so it is pretty much a pointless post

Weird thing #1

 when I was dreaming once, I dreamt I was playing SM64
except i started in the main room and all the doors leading to the other rooms were gone ecept for the one locked
door and the one leading to the secert slide...I enter the door leading to the secert slide and jump into the window
leading to the secert slide...and im in the secert slide, except there are no walls surrounding me. when I jump down
the slide it goes at a straight diagnol down to another platform. whats specail about this platform is that some parts
are fake, so when you jump on them some times they will send you rocketing down into oblivion or if your lucky, you
will see pirahna plants the size 10 times bigger than you! the object of this level is to collect the 8 red coins which
are all on the specail platform. the star appears in the middle of the platform

Weird thing #2

after dying in that near impossible secert slide, i some reappeared atfter the first locked door...I past the first door and
it led to a new room featuring a snow slide which looked like it was infintitly long (you couldnt see the end) and its
entery was huge... I of course went down the slide and sat there on my buns for about 2 minutes until I saw the end
of the slide which was so small that mario couldnt fit in it unless he was crouching... plus at the end there was a
gap where the slide was so little, that you had to jump across it (but with the little space it was nearly impossible)
and if you managed to get across it you'd have to climb up anoter small hole which lead somewhere (i dont know where)
plus it was slippery so I just slipped and fell right back in the gap)

Mario Chat / Abuse of Mario
« on: October 15, 2005, 01:29:22 PM »
One day when I was sufring the internet, (for no apparant reason,) I stumbled opon a game called Asterix & Oblelix XXL2: Mission Las Vegum. I downloaded it because it featured a picture of mario from SMS as a screenshot, but once I downloaded it, your object was to beat the living c*** out of Mario and other enemies. There were more eneimies from different games, but considering this, wouldn't that be against copyright laws? I love the game despite the fact that you have to kill nintendo charicters from nintendo's past, but they really have gone too far.

Metal Slug and Mario is so cool

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