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Hiya, it's me with another topic. In any game besides a Mario title, what is your personal best score/rank/whatever? I've been playing MGS3 for a few days now and managed to unlock the Foxhound rank. Has anyone done something like this in another game or an MGS title? Just curious. Now's your chance to brag about your skills.

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I've dropped since then, but hey, being the best in the world is fun while it lasts!


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I didn't think numbers went that high.

I'll try and get some photos of my personal high scores.


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OVER 900,000!!!


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I didn't think numbers went that high.
You should see Geometry Wars Galaxies high scores.


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Every Extend Extra Extreme has pretty insane scores too.

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Geometry Wars is a hard game. I'm so bad at it. Anyway:

Ignore the Most Kills stat, that was during achievement farming. Also ignore the Spy's one-hour lifespan, that was a glitch. All other stats are legitimate.


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I accidentally skewed my Medic stats helping other people get Medic achievements on a modded server. It causes me great pain. Unfortunately, I wasn't very careful with my Pyro-related activities, and the same thing happened.


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Doesn't workingplaying specifically to get the achievements defeat the real purpose of them? I know that getting them unlocks new weapons for their respective classes, but overall I think the achievements should be rewards for particularly outstanding or unorthodox play.
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In some cases, achievement farming is necessary to get these new weapons. Sure the Medic achievements seem tame, but back when you had to get all 36 for the Ubersaw so you could charge your uber anytime you melee was insane, especially for achievement such as going on a 20-kill spree while healing a heavy, getting 1000000 heal points, blowing up 5 buildings with a demo's stickies in one uber, etc. For the pyro, wherein Valve got smart and made the achievements actually possible by the average player, a guy can unlock the Backburner and unleash his fiery fury with full pride knowing he did it legit. Plus he doesn't have to do some of the more ridiculous ones like 1000000 fire damage.

But you don't play the game. I wouldn't expect you to understand.


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I was proud of myself for beating Spyro the Dragon 120% at age 7.  It was hard when I first got it.
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Off the top of my head...getting an eight-digit high score in Tetris DS, defeating Panthera Cantus on Hard in TWEWY, and finishing SPAC3 INVADERS EXTR3ME.

Also, Geometry Wars Galaxies high scores are indeed very insane.


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Ahh yeah, Tetris DS.  I maxed out the score counter.  What a waste of time.


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I wish the Tetris Company would change their mind about the infinite spin that bork'd Tetris.  Since Tetris on the NES was made before the new standard I wonder if Nintendo could get them to allow it without changes.
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There was a time when The Tetris Company was talking about having their standard set of rules but allowing players to choose their own rules.  I haven't heard anything come of this, but maybe we'll see something in Hudson's upcoming Tetris on WiiWare.