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Every day, every single day, I walk out of my door and see this:

and I think, every single time,

"I should shoot that with my pistol so I can get over there without Kryll eating me."

This is known as bleedthrough, when you find yourself stuck viewing reality through the filter of a game you've played a lot. For about a week after playing Pikmin 2, my eyes would uncontrollably latch onto garbage in the street. I could spot a yogurt lid from fifty paces, easy. I couldn't help it.

Tell tales of bleedthrough here.

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After seeing both Cars and Transformers, I would constantly stare at cars on the highways and roads when traveling. I blame Transformers in general for me wanting a yellow beetle.

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Playing MGS2 causes me to look up at the sky, searching for airplanes (or more specifically, Harriers).
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After playing Mario Kart for a while, when I'm in a real car I always think my mom's supposed to power slide.
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After playing a Metal Gear or Splinter Cell I tend to formulate the most efficient route for infiltrating/exfiltrating a building.

After playing the 3D GTAs I will attempt to look behind me by holding the right analog stick while walking down a street and then realize I can't do that (crappy real-life controls). I also imagine that once I learn to drive I'll instinctively do handbrake turns everywhere.

After playing a murder simulator I become desensitized and learn to kill with my heart rate lowered (or so I've heard).


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Back when I was in school when the hallways were empty, I would run as fast as I could hanging my arms out like Sonic, and whenever I hit a corner, I would do a Super Mario Wall kick to make a swift turn.

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Burnout 3: Takedown was the worst.

I'd be riding in the back of the car, and at every intersection I'd subconsciously pinpoint the exact car I'd ram into if I was in the driver's seat in order to cause the most damage possible. I would always remark to myself, "This would make a great crash junction!"

I had to stop playing Burnout Revenge a month before getting my learner's permit.


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I don't really get affected by bleedthrough - unless things like air Guitar Hero and unconsciously stepping DDR tracks when they come up in Winamp count.

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In eighth grade my English teacher had all our vocab words above the whiteboard, all in rectangular strips and in a variety of colors. Every once in a while I imagine for minutes on end on how to re-arrange the strips so that placing the right colored bombs would trigger as many chain-reactions as possible. That was when I discovered the Wario's Woods SNES ROM.

Last year I become the center of attention at my senior prom with my dance moves (in which I was mining the actions one does in WarioWare: Smooth Moves and stepping like DDR), and after I finished the DJ announced "Let's all hear it for Tom!" I got a picture in the Providence Journal for my apparently awesome Wii-related dancing.
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After playing a Metal Gear or Splinter Cell I tend to formulate the most efficient route for infiltrating/exfiltrating a building.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I take very long walks each morning in the Summer. On those walks, I sometime imagine myself sneaking past bystanders or "enemy territory".
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I got the Tetris Effect witch is the same thing as a Bleedthrough only with Tetris
I tryed to make every thing fit in spots for the time I was on vacation, and Type A was the song drove threw my head contantly
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Back when I was in school when the hallways were empty, I would run as fast as I could hanging my arms out like Sonic,

My very last class in my schedule was on the other side of the school from my second-to-last class. I used to run like this during the two minute passing period. I also would run like this when I needed to. One time, my friend asked me who I was imitating and I pretended like I didn't know who I was imitating. I don't do this anymore, however.


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This isn't something that I can't control that OMG I DO ALL THE TIME, but sometimes I'll be some places or in open areas and imagine ? blocks floating everywhere and coins scattered everywhere, for instance. I always imagine (when I'm walking a far distance) how fast I'd be going and what path I'd take if I got the Rainbow Star from Galaxy and was running at like... what 15-20MPH? I imagine mowing people over and cars flying up and shaking like they do if you hit them in Double Dash/MKWii/DS with a star with the familiar sound of impact (since Double Dash) sounding like a PPK with a suppressor on Goldeneye (the game) ..and I always think what if I could seriously jump as high as Mario or Luigi... or had Smash Bros. physics and all I had to do was wiggle my arms in circles and be able to jump off anything. Do you know how useful that would be?!?! And to be able to punch and do Over+A and have my fist become as large as a beach ball??!! I'd hit everything!!! I've always wondered what being in a pipe would feel like (Mario-wise, obviously) and also how cool it'd be to have them in real life. Is it a vacuum like the banks use for their drive-thru? Being invisible would be really awesome too!
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"I should shoot that with my pistol so I can get over there without Kryll eating me."
I can feel you on that one from seeing the picture. I have a shotgun but I wouldn't want to waste the limited ammo on a propane tank.

After very first playing Guitar Hero I would see the buttons whenever hearing music with guitar in it. That wore off after a few months. I also used to randomly fantasize about using the longshot to dart around when amongst buildings. Specific areas that would be close enough and made of the right material for longshotting would be identified and a path around the neighborhood would be mapped. That one came and went while playing Ocarina of Time. Those are the only ones I can think of off the top of my head.

Also, I have a game to game bleedthrough: While playing Half-life I plan where I'm going to throw my grenades like in Halo 3, but then I remember I'm dealing with half-deflated helium balloon physics.
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Whenever I see stacked boxes, whether they are neat or poorly stacked, I think of Teris. Sometimes, when looking at the fish tanks at Walmart (or other such pet stores), I look closely at the fish and think Which one of these closely resemble a Cheep-Cheep?

When I'm at work, I have to warm up a cinnamon roll. The microwave is under a part of the counter that I duck behind in order to get to it. I often hear the Mario pipe sound as I duck/come back when heating things up.

My parents have these mushrooms that grow near an old stump in their yard, and these mushrooms have a color scheme similar to that of Goombas. When they tell me to just stomp on the mushrooms, I hear myself getting points in my head.

I have looked at the clouds and thought I saw Mario and Yoshi flying through them once (I was fairly young, however).

Whenever I buy something I really want (most recently, Mario Kart Wii) then the Zelda You go the item! sound goes through my head.

After using the computer for extened amounts of time, if I want to go 'undo' something, I'll say Wait a minute, Undo that last statement.

I have more, but I think that about covers it. Do I have a problem? XD
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