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Why does the burger look intact after he takes a bite out of it? Could it be the Regenerating Burger of lore?
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1:The First Time I played Megaman 1
2:Fighting Oni on Super Street Fighter 4
3:The Relese of Sonic 06

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Wrong thread.

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3:The Relese of Sonic 06

You must be out yo [darn] mind.
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I can only recall one actual poop-inducing gaming moment in my life.

2004, AUGUST. Summertime. The family and I had just arrived back from the swimmin' hole. My sister and I were very into Animal Crossing at the time. That evening my sister was playing, everything was perfectly fine. We recently had begun trying out the town traveling feature, in which two memory cards must be in your Gamecube at once, both having town data on them. However, there are apparently consequences if you, for some reason, turn off or reset the game while in the town you had traveled to.

In that session, she had traveled to our alternate town on our secondary memory card, and attempted to return to our original one. However, Porter was being a total jerk and refused to let her travel back for some odd reason. There was apparently some issue regarding the memory cards that was making it impossible to do so, I don't really know what happened. IT WAS AN ODD SITUATION TO BE IN. We couldn't travel back and therefore couldn't save and turn off the game, but we knew we weren't supposed to turn it off while in a different town. In the end we had no choice but to shut the game off.

The next morning, my sister had fired up the Gamecube and began to play Animal Crossing. Nothing seemed amiss until she attempted to load her character. She was informed by the loading screen villager that all items and bells on her would be taken from her, and that alone would be shocking enough, until the horrible moment her durpy character stepped out of the door of its house...

HER FACE WAS GONE!!!1!1 Scared the bajeebers out of me, I tell ya. I didn't play that game for a good three months or so. I recall having to poop after this experience.

Anywho, here's what it actually looks like for anyone who may be confused.
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

And so the moral of the story is, never buy off brand memory cards. The end. *closes book*

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Here's another video of the same glitch. Apparently, this always happens if you turn it off without going back to your hometown and saving.

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I remember a really pants-cr*pping moment in Shrek: Swamp Kart Speedway. I hadn't blown on my cartridge enough and the graphics suddenly inverted their graphics colors. Horrifying!
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I just had two drawers-darkening moments in BIT.TRIP Presents Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien. First was when I booted it up and Charles Martinet himself screamed its name on the title screen. The second was when I paused and heard it make the extremely distinctive Ocarina of Time pause sound.

Check out this game folks; it's definitely my favorite of 2013 so far. (Second place is All I Want Is for All of My Friends to Become Insanely Powerful.)

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I don't see Warp on Twitter much, so I'll just leave this here and await his response.

It's happening bro. Vocaloid's gonna overcome a disastrous car manufacturer tie-in.
As a game that requires six friends, an HDTV, and skill, I can see why the majority of TMK is going to hate on it hard.


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I liked it shortly after it went up.

I hope if we do get something out of this, Sega makes it available digitally (so I can play it on my PS3) for a reasonable price ($30 or less), because Project Diva F is basically the same game I already imported on Vita, but with shinier graphics.

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Playing DOOM 3 with no lights on, and nobody home...