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(This is my first topic, so go easy on me. XD)

My brain hatched a crazy idea for a game.
Here's how it works: You make a box art for a video game name on the list below. We progress further down the list until there's a box art made for every name listed. The first one will be Star Wars Fun Machine. I will highlight the name of each name with a box art made in bold.
Optional: You can use the box art templates at if you want to.
There are 114 game names. All names were generated at Have fun!
I actually got the idea from an earlier forum game. :P

(In the unlikely event of the box art making of each and every name, I will make a new list.)

Star Wars Fun Machine
MTV's Workout on the Oregon Trail
Apathetic Vocabulary Warrior

Dr. Banana in My Pocket
Vegetarian Baseball Diesel
Create Your Own Mind Control GT
Mario's Pachinko Choreographer
Creepy Booty Trilogy
Middle-Eastern Monkey Crime Scene Investigation
Big Bird's Crystal Syndicate
Intense Disco Connection
Sid Meier's Vocabulary - The Next Generation
Deranged Fun Noodle - The Revenge
Toxic Sushi Madness
Advanced Hobo Jamboree
God of Lizard of Fury
Kermit's Acid Hop-A-Bout
Ultra Combat - The Card Game
Hillbilly Car World
Masters of Pogo Uprising
Bizarre Business Strikes Again
College Cardboard of Magic
Awesome Elevator Empire
Educational Hamster Summoner
Merciless Paintball Prophecy
Enormous Bomberman Creator
Nighttime Shaving Dash
Save Yourself from the Cardboard Stadium
A Boy and His Driving - The Lost Levels
Looney Tunes Shotgun in the Sky
Sonic's Rabbit Disaster
Rocket-Powered Chainsaw Joe
Horrifying Pony Challenge
Stylish Squirrel Ignition
Hidden Piano Revenge
Shameful Racing in the Salad Kingdom
Elmo's Shaving on the High Seas
Stoic Shadow Punch-Out!!
My Very Own College World Tour
War of the WWII of Death
Irish Sewer Psychiatrist
Shrunken Pony Legends
Star Trek Karaoke of Doom
Dance Dance Chipmunk Smash
Cool Indian Beta
Enormous Insect Pinball
Shady Tennis Mayhem
All-American Theme Park Fun
Educational Bubblegum in Crazyland
Underwater Robot Studio
In Your Face Makeover in My Pocket
Terrible Architecture Baseball
Flamboyant Shaving Preacher
Yoshi's Chocobo On The Road
Preschool Android Panic
German Axe Dancers
The Infernal Mutant Trader
Quiet Octopus Mayhem
Nuclear Underwear in Busytown
Explosive Cheese Sisters
German Cardboard Fight Club
Funky Whale in the Bayou
Caribbean Afro Rebellion
Eco-Friendly Plumber Temple
Team Janitor Disaster
Irritating Flatulence in the Sky
Kinky Internet Academy
The Castle of Rodeo Fever
Wonderous Assault Domination
Save Yourself from the Tetris Warrior
Shameful Math Insurrection
Unremarkable Programming Slaughter
The Simpsons' Shark Paintbrawl
Religious Bingo DX
Fisher Price Bingo Desperadoes
Zombie Pony Conquest
It's a Mad, Mad Monster Alpha
Elegant Dinosaur Orchestra
Divine Beautician Showdown
Elite Burger with Friends
Future Snowboard in My Pocket
Medieval Jackhammer Dreamland
Dracula's Workout Saloon
Apathetic Shotgun - The Revenge
Scandinavian Cyborg vs. Street Fighter
Killer Squirrel Arena
Islamic Shopping Brothers
Rocket-Powered Sword Choreographer
Screaming Chef Crusade
Magic Math Armada
World of Afro
Mystic Typing Invasion
My Little Tank Commander
Screaming Rainbow Slam
Satan's River Rescue
Heroic Hippo Challenge
My Very Own Battleship Legend
Derek Smart's Duck Diesel
The Infernal Underwear Island
Fancy Hamster Task Force
Canadian Unicorn Fiesta
British Basketball from Outer Space
Madden Shaving Overlords
Intense Rabbit Maniac
Angry Dance DS
Retro Whale at the Olympics
Unstoppable Flatulence Camp
Save Yourself from the Architecture Island
Magic Dance Dance Mix
War of the Spelling Revisited
Kung-fu Insect of Love
My First Shaving CD
Flying Scooter Simulator
Deranged Fashion Task Force

I'll start with this lame box art I made in 3 minutes.

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dibs on World of Afro
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Oh, and dibs on Irritating Flatulence in the Sky

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Dang it, I -just- finished Apathetic Vocabulary Warrior! Oh well, posting mine anyway.

No! I don't want that!

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Bumping this to bring you

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Just rolled MTV's Furry Crusade. Oh my.
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