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Man I hope your career nosedives. No offense or anything, but we don't need dangerous, uncontainable energy "sources" (why create deadly radiation to generate STEAM?) when we can use perfectly safe ways to gather energy instead. And no, concrete walls and pools of water are not enough to contain nuclear radiation no matter what the industry would have you believe.

Hello, I'll be making a completely erroneous and uninformed statement about an energy source I don't understand using information that is provided by sensationalist information sources.

Hurr durr durr, it's easier to just rant off like some uninformed baboon than actually research and learn about a topic.

But I'll humor you, my child.  Pray tell, what are these "perfectly safe" ways to gather energy?


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I'd call wind power and solar power pretty darn safe. The cost is not prohibitive despite rumors to the contrary, considering what the country is pouring into its nuclear program. And yes, there is plenty of potential for collection of energy through those sources without supplementation from nuclear power, despite what nuclear energy industry proponents would like everyone to think. The fact is, safer sources of energy simply aren't as lucrative (and they don't provide us with weapon materials), and that's why they aren't in the forefront at this time.
What is erroneous about my statement?
  The fact that the concrete shielding in our (most of them dilapidated) nuclear plants isn't enough to contain the radiation they generate? No, I'm pretty sure that has been confirmed. It might be enough to contain some or most of the radiation, but no shielding can yet block all the radiation being generated.
  The fact that nuclear plants use their energy to heat water? Again, no, that's all that it does.
Furthermore, a large number of plants which (operating long past their planned lifespan) have failed or haven't even been checked to comply with the industry's "safety" guidelines but the commission keeps renewing the plant contracts anyway, because they just make so much darn money that they don't even care.
And even if we could contain the radiation from the plants, that still leaves the problem of where to contain the waste. We have companies blasting holes in mountains where people live, or selling it to other countries. In Europe they're dumping it in the Mediterranean. France's groundwater is contaminated forever due to their nuclear program. And I don't think it's a very great idea to keep generating material for atomic bombs, you know? The idea is that no one is ever going to use them, so why does every country need a stockpile of them?
I'll certainly admit that I may be biased against the use of nuclear power, but you are most certainly biased toward it. I know we'd all love to believe that nothing's wrong as long as someone tells us it's fine, but the idea that a little poison is fine for you really needs to be dispelled. I find your attitude distasteful. It's so easy to dismiss nuts with a wave of your hand, but this is not sensationalism. There is more to the situation than the NRC would like to have widely known. Do some research into the other side of the argument just for your own edification.

I'm sure you'll refute this as all unsubstantiated nonsense, but that's okay. You can keep doing your paper engineering without checking on actual situations as long as you want. Someone with a little more sense and a little less greed than the NRC will surely come along before we have more accidents, right?

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That was a joke.

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I agree with Chupperson. Instead of using nuclear energy as a fuel source, we could know, stop consuming so much stuff.
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Nuclear resources should only be used for the lulz.

But really, it's a tough call. France is apparently thriving from it...
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As I understand it, they're really doing pretty poorly and trying not to let it show. I remember reading an article with a French nuclear administrator guy telling about how hard it was to keep things working. And like I said, France is totally contaminated by now.
That was a joke.


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France has nuclear power, they're banning burkas, and their president is married to a porn star. When did they become more America than America?
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I'm writing a paper on nuclear power. I'm going to interview a dude at a power plant. I'll clear all of this up.

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TMK Investigative Journalism

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Tell whoever you interview that you're really with an organization called that.

Back to topic, below is tomorrow's radio log. Not that anyone should care, but these are what I'll be looking at for the next two years.
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Shameless promotion time: Listen live to CKDJ

You can hear me on Thursdays between 2:30 and 3:00 PM EST, but please don't.
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If you don't want us to listen, then why post the info? ;p

I'll probably listen now that you mentioned it only because I'm curious about how you sound.
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Weegee is obviously concerned that his suave, sexy voice will turn the male members of the forum gay.
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If only it were. My voice is high, nasal, croaky, and quite unbefitting to my appearance.
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Did anyone catch his show?

I'm at work at that time, and they've blocked all streaming sites there. Maybe one of these days I'll catch it.

What is your program about?