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« on: October 15, 2010, 12:12:54 PM »

A delightfully evil platformer. Play it.

My best score so far is 1,761 because I keep getting tripped up by the Spanish ("¿Cuántos lados de un cubo?" this time).

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The goose doesn't move when I press the arrow keys.
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Left right left right repeat.  It's like the duck is waddling. 
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351. Ugh, too hard.
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This game is a stonking hoot.

But I just died to "How many udders does a cow have?" by pressing "1". HOW MANY UDDERS DO COWS HAVE?! Pretty sure I was robbed.

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I just scored 666 and entered my name as Satan. Currently 1st for Daily scores and 3rd for Weekly so it's being presented in large text at the top of the leaderboards. >:D


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I lost to the same thing Lizard Dude did. In Spanish.

I'm trying for a better score with knowledge of the answer to this question.



As far as I can tell, the game doesn't get any harder as you go, and I memorized every question I came upon, so I could essentially go on forever as long as I retained focus.



Whenever I look at these still screenshots now, they are constantly moving to the left.
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So...when you see a word or something, do you just type it while you're trying to move, so you can escape that crazy looking monster?? I haven't been very fortunate yet, but I'm multi-tasking. XD