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What was the first video game you have ever played? I remember that my first game was for the NES but I don't remember what was it.
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Battle Arena Toshinden, technically.

But the first game I played and didn't just mash buttons was Crash Bandicoot.
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Some Genesis game with Goofy bouncing on a mushroom up and down when I was 1. Well, I didn't really play it, but it's the earliest game I can remember.

The first one that I actually PLAYED (As in, did button combinations to trigger specific results instead of just mashing it, not knowing what's happening) was Mario World when I was 3.
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It was either Power Quest for the Game Boy Color or Commander Keen Episode 1 - Marooned on Mars for DOS


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Though I don't remember it, I believe my dad first educated me in playing Super Mario Bros. (the NES I currently claim as my own was the one my parents bought when they were younger, with their names carved in the back). Thereafter, I think I may have dabbled in NES games here and there, but the earliest I can trace back with certainty is when I got a SNES for my birthday and started playing Yoshi's Island.
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The first game I ever saw someone else play was SMB3. My own first game was Pokemon Blue on a floppy disk.
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I remember going to my cousins' house for Christmas and they got an NES with SMB. They hooked it up and everyone got to try it. I distinctly remember seeing level 1-3. That's my earliest console memory.

I remember the first computer of our household that my dad got from work and him putting three games on it: a side-view 2D "racing" game called (I think) Off Road where you had to jump over obstacles and other cars, a Defender clone, and Mixed-Up Mother Goose. Our computer had a black-and-white monitor and I remember getting my mind blown later the first time I got to play Mother Goose on a color screen. These games all entered my life at the same time and are my earliest PC gaming memory.

I've never been sure which of these happened first, but I suspect the PC games.

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My parents owned an Atari 2600 that my brother and I used to play with. I can't remember which game I would've played first, but it must have been Pong or Pacman.

Sometime later, I can remember going over to a friend's house, and they had an NES with Super Mario Bros. and some Micky Mouse game. I distinctly remember ditching them to continue playing Mario while they went outside to ride bikes or something.

After that, we obtained an old Macintosh computer, and with that came Oregon Trail, some Olympics game, and Mixed Up Mother Goose. I can't believe someone else here has played it. I can remember getting to Humpty Dumpty outside of the Castle and watching him fall to his death. Traumatizing.

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I'm honestly not quite sure what my first video game was...

I remember many years back going to Chicago to see relatives. They had Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario AllStars and some Dreamcast games like Frogger and Crazy Taxi. I also remember playing the original Super Mario Bros., but have no idea when or where. In 1995 I was into a PC game called "Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo;" that might actually be my first "video game."
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Super Mario World. 1997.

Owned? All-Stars.
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I'd have no idea what my first game would be... I've fond memories of watching my sister play DOOM on our old computer (still have the disc!) and bunch of other shareware from a CD-ROM (Highway Hunter, some pinball game, Octolris... yeeaaah). But probably before that was my old Atari 2600, loved the old fishing games. I remember getting really upset as a child because the transformer for it blew up and ended its life. (Come to think of it, that'd still be pretty upsetting...)
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I think I said this on another thread, but Sonic The Hedgehog 3 was the first game I ever played, with Hydrocity Zone being the first area I ever played.
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First one I remember playing was Duck Hunt (sadly, Mario didn't interest me at the time), when I was around 5.  I remember playing various Mario games with friends over the next few years, though, including SMB, SMAS, MK64, SMBDX, and the first Mario Party.
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My first game was the SMB/Duck Hunt combo, I believe. I was way more into SMB, but Duck Hunt was fun (blasted dog!)

Before that though, I may have attempted to play Donkey Kong at the local bowling alley (not by myself of course. I was like, 5 and my parents bowled a lot back then).
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My first video game was either Star Fox 64 or Super Mario 64. I think we got both of them at the same time when my parents bought the system from one of my Dad's coworkers (I think we also got Goldeneye with it, though my parents wouldn't let me play it until several years later). We had recently moved to a new state, and I hadn't started school yet, so that N64 was one of my only friends.
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