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USGamers recently published this neat little article about some of the the development teams involved with the mainline and RPG Mario games, and I thought it would be a good opportunity to start a discussion about everyone's favourite Mario developers. Of course, you can mention studios beside those listed in the article, such as Hudson Soft or Next Level Games.

Personally, I love SPD 1's crazy sense of humor and bold asethetics, but EAD pre-restructuring is responsible for all of my favourite games in the franchise, save for TTYD. I didn't (and still don't) care much for Sunshine, though.

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Huh, I never knew that the "core" Mario games were split between so many development teams, though the divisions make perfect sense.  As much as I liked the earlier Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi series, most of my all-time favorites were EAD1 titles.
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Interesting topic. But it's hard to say. EAD1 made some of the ones that stand up to the test of time really well. But EAD4 did a fine job with NSMBW and NSMBU, "fine" in the sense that I think they contend with and succeed their older brothers 3 and World.

Tokyo is an odd one. I couldn't believe it when I found out 3D Land was from the same studio that made the Galaxies. I suppose the specific teams might have varied, it's just that Galaxy has some strange decisions made for them that 3D Land fixed, and World is improving upon... but then, I thought Galaxy 2 was a great improvement over the first, so they're just getting consistently better at what they do, and that's nice.

Intelligent Systems is responsible for some big ones. Tetris Attack is one I love very much. Paper Mario goes without saying. WarioWare is the [dukar]. But... is it all over for them? It's been a long time since Smooth Moves and a longer time since Thousand-Year Door. Uh-oh.

Funny the article's only comments on M&L are that it's more childish and upbeat. The words I would use to describe PiT are "needlessly macabre".
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The remarks about M&L being "childish" made me groan too, BP.


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Hard to pick between EAD1 and Alpha Dream.  I love Super Mario World as an ideal for all games of its type, and I'd still say its superior has yet to be seen in the series; but Superstar Saga (and to a lesser extent, Dream Team, being the only other M&L installment I've played) provided one of the most unique experiences I've had in a game without sacrificing sheer fun.  If I could make a RPG, it would play a lot like M&L.

And then that's not even counting TTYD, itself pretty nigh to the level of Superstar Saga.
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Good article!

Hmm.. I'm having a hard time picking just one company or division, because.. I like a lot of games. All of my favorites are spread across table..

I think it's interesting that several of the divisions have only ever worked on their set of games (ie: the Mario vs DK team), for the most part.
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The article isn't bad, but a full list of games would be better.  For example, WarioWare games should be listed specifically by game instead of saying WarioWare Series and WarioWare.  I was trying to make a flowchart just based on the article, but couldn't complete it with so many holes. 
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Mario Galaxy/Mario Galaxy 2/TTYD will likely always be my favorite Mario titles, which makes me all the more excited for 3D World. And fingers crossed that the Paper Mario series gets back to TTYD-esque games.
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The one of Paper Mario N64, the Paper Mario thousand year doors and Sticker Stars, and also the one of Mario 3D

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Man, it's a really tough call between EAD Tokyo and EAD1. I hope they get some long-time veterans of EAD 1 to work on the next 2D Mario, at least.