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OK, Pokemon experts. This is the million dollar question for the night, and one I am hoping to get some help on.

I am a tutor and work with many children who enjoy video games. One of them is very into Pokemon and decided to give me a bunch of her cards one day for no reason except for the fact she appreciated me. (I get lots of various "gifts" like this, and I've actually gotten quite a few rocks, old pencils, Lego men, and other crazy objects--you know how younger kids place value on this stuff!)

This student told me these cards were worth something. They look pretty new, but I can't be sure, because I have a confession to make...

I know nothing about Pokemon!!!

OK, this may sound crazy since this is a Nintendo-related board, but I never got into Pokemon and never really had a desire to. Back when it was becoming popular in 1999, I completely ignored it, thinking it was one of the silliest fads ever. It didn't matter to me that it was a product of Nintendo. I entered seventh grade in the fall of 1999 and had no desire to deal with these cards. I was your typical trendy seventh grader--you know, the one who dressed in Abercrombie and American Eagle, cheered for the Yankees, watched all the popular TV shows, chatted on AIM about all those crazy seventh grade happenings, and had a celebrity crush on Britney Spears. (I'll confess to owning some of her CDs, too--yes, CDs--it was that long ago). Oh, and if I needed to crash, I always had the N64 waiting for me.

The only exposure I had to Pokemon until these cards came my way was through Smash Brothers. I know they all do different things, they come out of red and white balls, and I know the yellow guy is Pikachu, but I'm not sure of much else from there. (I do realize there are a bunch of video games and the cards get traded sort of like baseball cards, and I know there's something called a "trainer"--all of this I have picked up from listening to kids since I used to be a classroom teacher before opening my business).

Here's what my student gave me. Are these really worth something if I pawn them off on eBay or something?

1. Blue cards with the Pokemon Ball on them and "Pokemon" written around it on both sides:

--Slowpoke (she told me this one was worth $500)
--"Supporter" Professor Elm's Training Method

They all have a copyright date of 2011 on the bottom in fine print except the Raichu and Kricketot (both are 2012) and the Slowpoke (this has 1995, 96, 98 in that order).

Also, being a fan of word origins, I love the "Teddiursa" name--the creature sort of looks like a bear and I could see someone getting the biological name of a bear easier after seeing this one. (File this one under "educator problems"--my friends are always on me for pointing out teaching moments everywhere).

2. Pokemon World Champions 2013 Cards (simulated wood background, Pokemon ball has red/yellow/blue/green around it)

--"Trainer" Hypnotoxic Laser

The "trainer" card has a 2012 copyright, the Thundurus has a 2013.

Now, to be truthful, I'm not expecting these cards to be worth much more than a buck or so apiece, if that. I have a Jason Kendall rookie card in my desk (guy who played for the Pittsburgh Pirates and a few other teams) and it's only worth about five bucks, and my Pete Rose rookie card (the Cincy Reds legend) which I've seen going for about thirty max. Still, I know what these cards can go for if they're genuinely rare.

I get a feeling the student who gave them to me was simply trying to boost my ego, but I figured some of you would be in the know on here, so why not run it past everyone? I could use that extra $500 if it really is worth that much--my business turned a year old today and while it's going strong, I'm not exactly Bill Gates yet!!!

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You don't have to know anything about Pokémon to find out the dollar value of a Pokémon card. Your best bet is to look up some sort of price guide elsewhere on the web if you're looking to sell them.

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Only a small handful of cards are worth more than the cardboard they're printed on.
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Weegee: That was my thought. Ah well, maybe I can give them out as rewards for kids who are into them or something.

The Chef: Any idea where I could find a price guide? I know they make those for things like baseball cards, coins, stamps, and even McDonald's toys (actually saw one at a bookstore many years ago).

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