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I'm mini-bumping this thread since I finally broke down and uploaded some of the videos I had on Myspace to Youtube.

This is my talkbox video. Read the description. Also, check out my GTA IV: Soviet Connection (Vocals) video! I'll be uploading more soon!
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Just recorded a bunch of Paper Mario boss battles (chapter 3 onward):

Part 1 -
Part 2 -
Part 3 -
Part 4 -
Part 5 -

I'll take any requests for this game in the future.
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Welcome to my eighth PEMNAS Playthrough. I start this year (decade!) with another VERY particular Nintendo game from the 16-Bit era, and THIS game is the unreleased 1995 Star Fox 2 game for the Super Nintendo, AND on the REAL Expert Mode with Corneria actually taking damage! This is also the patched English version with no debug, too! Plus it's presented in HD!

This game was scheduled to have been released on November 1995, right around the time when the Nintendo Ultra 64 was originally meant to launch in. The game was, according to Programmer Dylan Cuthbert, the game was "fully complete". However, producer and co-creator Shigeru Miyamoto felt the need for his development staff to get away from 3D on the SNES and just focus on developing for the then-upcoming Ultra 64 instead, specifically Super Mario 64, where that game would include many elements from Star Fox 2, specifically the camera angle dynamics.

Quite possibly the most famous unreleased title in the world, it's such a shame that such a wonderful game like this didn't see the light of day in retail. That doesn't do the game any justice and something should be done about it! ;) Unreleased games are awesome. Let's get Nintendo to release this and EarthBound NES (Zero is a fan name, not official. D=) on Virtual Console!

(Part 1) Star Fox 2 (Expert Mode) - First Failed Attempt Recap - Battleship & Titania
(Part 2) Star Fox 2 (Expert Mode) - Meteor & Battleship
(Part 3) Star Fox 2 (Expert Mode) - Venom & Algy / Andrew & Fortuna
(Part 4) Star Fox 2 (Expert Mode) - Pigma & Leon + Macbeth (SF logo cameo)
(Part 5) Star Fox 2 (Expert Mode) - F-Pantron + Battleships + Space Blade
(Part 6) Star Fox 2 (Expert Mode) - Titania + Star Wolf
(Part 7) Star Fox 2 (Expert Mode) - Astropolis + Andross Unmasked
(Part 8/ THE END) Star Fox 2 (Expert Mode) - Ending / Staff Roll / Credits + Ranking

Hope you enjoyed this run as much as I had. =) Also, PEMNAS stands for "PLEASE EXCUSE MY NOOB ASS SKILLS". I invented the term myself.

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My YouTube name is chriskat911 and I make a lot of Mario videos. go here:

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Welcome to my ninth PEMNAS Playthrough. IN HIGH DEFINITION! This month is another Nintendo game from 64-Bit era, and THIS game is Star Fox 64 game for the Nintendo 64!

This game was what Star Fox 2 could have been on the SNES. Except this time, it's in a much more detailed world then the original ever was before.

Several new things to point out here. I really love how tight the controls are in this game. You can almost seamlessly move your Arwing around the screen with no problem, and you always feel like you're in control. Also new this time around, is the ability to take alternate paths in levels that can take you to different planets, which can result in a totally different story direction and progression.

(Part 1) Opening / Intro + Corneria
(Part 2) Sector Y
(Part 3) Blue Marine in Aquas
(Part 4) Zoness
(Part 5) Landmaster in Macbeth
(Part 6) Area 6: Venom's Defense System
(Part 7) Venom + Star Wolf
(Part 8) Final Boss: Andross
(Part 9 / The End) Ending / Credits - Title

Hope you enjoy. =) Also, PEMNAS stands for "PLEASE EXCUSE MY NOOB ASS SKILLS". I invented the term myself.


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I've decided to start a Let's Play playthrough of Cave Story. The first three videos are here:
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Finally, I get to make a video series of this, and after a year of waiting I finally get to try my hands on playing as Mega Man Volnutt, Zero, Frank West, and Viewtiful Joe. And their all awesome too!

Here's part one already:

In this series, I'll be playing through Survival mode to see how far I get in the game. As the matches go on, it gets increasingly harder. One thing I must point is that... I AM NOT AN EXPERT AT THIS GAME, you'll definitely see me spamming some moves at some parts of the matches. Please note that this game was played with the Wiimote.

As I venture through the game's survival mode, we'll be listening to a plethora of other game music to allow a different, unique musical experience. The soundtrack for this game is totally awesome and all, but it never hurts to expand the playlist >U<.

The following music featured in this part include:

(1:08) Vs. Frank West & Viewtiful Joe
♫ Medieval Mayhem ~ Sushi Temple (Ape Escape)

(2:45) Vs. Jun The Swan & Ken The Eagle
♫ The Flutter vs. The Gesellschaft! (Mega Man Legends / Rockman DASH)

(4:14) Vs. Tekkaman & Saki
♫ Flying Battery Zone Act 2 (Sonic The Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles)

(5:44) Vs. Joe The Condor & Karas
♫ Area F (Mega Man ZX)

(6:53) Vs. Batsu & Polimar
♫ Under Construction ~Wow Wow 70's Mix~ (A NiGHTS Remix - Another Dream)

(8:46) Vs. Tekkaman Blade & Kaijin No Soki
♫ Uncharted Region of China (The original track ; Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom)

I hope you guys enjoy this run as much as I had, and I hope maybe you'll learn something from this series, just as I have learned from other, more experienced players.

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Here is mine. Comment, sub and rate please. I'll have to approve the comments so haters won't take over my channel.
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A Let's Play of MySims Agents is being posted here(which is technically finished, but I only have 20 out of 86 episodes uploaded, hoo dang), as well as some strange plushie puppet videos. There's also a video of Wii Sports Resort Island Flyover synced to the Rush song "Mission", if anyone's interested.
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*toddles on in*

My channel, as crappy as it is. Filled with embarrassing narrated Pokemon WiFi battles, because only the cool kids play competitive Pokemon. Feel free to ridicule.

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I soooo forgot about my account here, I guess I have to make up for it :) This is my Youtube Channel, it is full of videos from my work in progress Mario 64 hack. If you like subscribe and comment, and if I do feel that I'm getting loads of attention from over here on this website then I might post updates :)

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I made this for Mario's 25th Anniversary, it was way to big to be a flipnote, and wasn't done in time the date, but here it is anyway, enjoy Super Mario Bros. 25th Anniversary Special.

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I have a few Mario game play videos on YouTube @ Hypersonic116.   Also, a little Yoshi silly-ness  Happy 4th Everyone!

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Heres my channel
You can watch all sorts of Nintendo related videos there. :)
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New channel for some Smash Bros. Brawl Minus outtakes!

Also, I'm working on a series of Bowser's Inside Story videos for my main.
If she is indeed genetically mutated such that she has an eye in the back of her head, then I guess that she is genetically mutated and has an eye in the back of her head.