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« on: November 11, 2007, 01:43:32 PM »
Discuss the latest mailbag here!

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You guys have some very attracitve Miis.
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I think getting his seal of disapproval is a good thing.


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Oh, Miis now... very nice.

...Somehow I keep getting the feeling that that SMBB boxart isn't final... maybe it's the fact that there's no Wi-Fi logo... or that the whole thing looks like it was drawn by a fan artist... or that it only shows the characters they've revealed so far... or that the rating is RP and the game isn't out for three months. But, hey, maybe I'll eat my words come February.

...Prima guides aren't offical... That's ironic in a funny way, since I heard that since NoA isn't making player's guides anymore (and they're moving, and there's layoffs, and the magazine is published by Future US now) and Prima had the official duty passed onto them (unofficially or officially, I dunno, but the Prima guides have been more aesthetically pleasing lately, anyway).

...I say that if Square-Enix and Nintendo have anything planned, let's hope it's at least something like SMRPG characters in Brawl, instead of flimsy fare like playing as Final Fantasy characters in a Mario Basketball game (why did they develop that, anyway?).

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J.J. caricatures > Miis. Poor staff page...
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J.J.'s royalty fees got too high.

* Lizard Dude looks at staff page.

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I think the next mailbag should use Area 64's caricatures. The Miis just seem like something all the other sites are doing these days.
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