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There Was One Mario Game I Remember With Some Huge Bo-bomb Boss And Rainbow Road...Its Been Quite Awhile Since Ive Played It,And You Could Fly,Become A Metal Mario, And Become Invisable. When You Collected 120 Stars, I Forget Who Was On The Roof. You Could Get 100 Lives (Actully, It'd Be 101 Since the "0" Life Counts) And You Would Get A Special Triple Jump. And It Was Possible To Do A Glitch Called The Black Room Of "Death." And You Would Be Trapped Until You Reset The Game, Or Just Found The Glitchy Wall Way Out. Can Someone Notice The Game What Its Called? I Could Name More Like The 3 Bowser Battles And The Rabbit & The Tiny Huge Islands. I Was Hoping In The Game When I First Saw It After Playing Super Mario World Was, "I Really Hope You Could Ride Yoshi Like In Super Mario World!" And The Rundown Was, There Wasint Really Any "?" Blocks In It At All Or No "Yoshi Eggs." I Was Just Sad When I Beat It Finding That Out Hoping When You Beat It Yoshi Would Be Unlocked To Ride Or Two Player Like I Red On MegaBytes Thing He Wrote When I Didint Have This Account. I Would Also Hope To ATLEAST Have The Vedgtables From Doki Doki Panic/ Super Mario Brothers 2 Or That Poison Mushroom In It. But No, Mr.Shigeru Miyamoto Just Had To Do That. It Just Made Me Think This:  "Nintendo, Why Did You Not Add These Awesome Stuff In The Past Mario!?" As Soon As I Find The Game Back, PM Me Still Cause I Can Remember Still What To Do For ANY Level! Even Help You Guides For Bowser And Glitches If You Like! Heres A Glitch To Give You:Go To The Basement Lava Level. But First, Catch On Flames And Keep Running Until You Have 3 Life Points Left. Now Run In The Fire And If You Time It Right With No Life Left, You Should Die When You Enter The Level Because You Had No Life Left. K, Thanks For Reading And Don`t Bother Replying Mean. Say Nothing If Its A Idiotic One. Youll Think About Why You Did? Because You Wasted Your Time Reading This LONG Thread Of This? Whatever. Im Done This Post.

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It's Super Mario RPG.
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Sounds more like SM64 to me, but seems you're confusing a few things. 
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